Luis Arajuez (28, Miami Marlins) is back to hitting .400 after 27 days since early May. Who else was hitting .400 before that?

In 57 games through July 7, Arajuez was batting .401 with one home run, 30 RBI, 24 runs scored, 85 hits, a .451 OPS, and a .946 slugging percentage.

It’s a four-game return to form after a 27-day absence that saw his batting average drop to .398 after going hitless against the Arizona Diamondbacks on March 11. Arajuez has multi-hit games in his last four.

With his batting average back in the high teens, talk of a full-fledged breakout season has begun., the official website of Major League Baseball, took a look at the last four hitters to hit .400.

They looked at hitters who hit .400 in their first 61 games from 1941, when the last player to hit .400 was Ted Williams, to this season.

The first player mentioned was Chipper Jones in 2008. His batting average reached .418 at the time. He was followed by Larry Walker in 1997 at .416.

Paul O’Neill in 1994 and Rod Curry in 1983 hit .411, followed by Stan Musial in 1948 at .408, Williams in 1948 at .407, and Tony Gwynn in 1997 at .405.

Moving on, the only other players on this list to hit .403 were Williams in 1941 and Roberto Alomar in 1996.

Several players have attempted to hit .400 since 1941, but all have failed. The closest was Gwynn’s 0.394 in 1994, followed by George Brett’s 0.390 in 1980.메이저놀이터

Jones, who sits atop this list, maintained his .400 average through June 19. He ended the season with a .364 batting average.

Arajuez has maintained his incredible batting average with an extreme small swing that focuses on contact. It’s a record that hasn’t been broken in 82 years.

A 4% batting average since 1941, a feat many stars have attempted and failed to achieve. As the most sophisticated hitter in the game today, it will be interesting to see if Araúez can approach the record.

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