Reporter Han Jae-hyeon = Jadon Sancho (Manchester United), who suffered mental pain due to sluggish performance, has returned after a long silence.

Manchester United won 2-0 in the second leg of the 2022/2023 English Carabao Cup (EFL Cup) semifinal against Nottingham Forest held at Old Trafford, Manchester, England on the 2nd at 5:00 am (Korean time), and the total of the first and second legs was 5- They advanced to the finals with a 0 advantage. After winning the 2016/2017 season, he had a chance to win the championship six years later. 온라인카지노

There was also a familiar face at the match. Sancho made his comeback after a long hiatus. He was replaced by Anthony in the 18th minute of the second half and stepped on the ground.

Sancho disappeared after the match against Chelsea on October 22, 2022. The stress caused by his sluggishness was great. He wore a Manchester United uniform in the last 2020/2021 season, recording a huge transfer fee of 73 million pounds (about 110 billion won), but was criticized for poor performance compared to the ransom.

The situation has not changed this season. The stress accumulated and he needed a mental recovery, and manager Eric ten Haag gave him time to recover.

Sancho restored his body and mind, and the moment he returned, coach Ten Hag, who watched by his side, smiled as if it were his own business. It is expected that if Sancho survives in Manchester United, which continues to compete for cup competitions and league championships, it will receive a great boost.

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