“I finished the race. It’s nice to see everyone running together.”

The Daegu International Marathon was held on the morning of the 2nd, starting at the National Debt Redemption Movement Memorial Park, as well as Suseongmot Lake, Sincheondong-ro, Banwoldang, and Dalseong Intersection.

This competition is the only gold label competition in Korea certified by the World Association of Athletics Federations (WA), and was held in four years due to Corona 19. 먹튀검증

World Association of Athletics Federations label certification competitions have platinum as the highest level, followed by gold label, elite label, and WA label in order. In Korea, the Seoul International Marathon is the only platinum event, and the Daegu International Marathon is the only gold label event.

On this day, 184 top runners from 16 countries and 15,123 marathon enthusiasts participated.

During the tournament, a man in his 20s was exhausted and taken to a university hospital, and a man in his 70s was transferred to a nearby hospital for leg pain and was discharged after receiving treatment.

In addition, 32 people received first aid from the on-site paramedics due to leg pain.

A firefighting official said, “Most of the injured were in a state of cramps or exhaustion on their legs,” and “most of them received first aid at the finish line.”

Around the marathon course, 2,316 people from 80 teams took part in street cheering and performances, adding to the excitement.

To practice ‘low-carbon eco-friendly’, the cheering squad cheered with both hands holding a ‘clapper board’, a cheering tool made of paper.

Daegu City has openly recruited street cheering and performance teams from February 22nd to the 17th of last month against successful citizens.

According to the time zone of the marathon course, traffic in the area was sequentially controlled from 5:30 am to 12:00 am.

64 intra-city bus routes were operated at one time, and a free shuttle bus was operated in the traffic control section from Daegu Bank Station in Suseong-gu to Deulan-gil three-way intersection.

The controlled traffic was lifted according to the section where the marathon ended.

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