“I would like to evaluate that I did well in sincerity.”

Suwon KT Sonicboom’s Kim Yeong-hwan has chosen to retire. Kim Young-hwan, who started his professional career in 2007 by being nominated by KT’s predecessor, KTF, ended his 17-year long journey with the 2022-2023 season. 

Kim Young-hwan said, “It’s not that I’m very disappointed beyond my imagination. I’ve been in bad shape since I was very young. I’ve heard so many stories that my knees aren’t so good that there’s no problem even if I retire anytime. So, even if I retire tomorrow, I’ll do my best today. I exercised with the mindset of running. So I don’t think I have any major regrets. If I were told to go back and do it, I don’t have the confidence to work harder than I do now (laughs). I’d be lying if I said I had no regrets or regrets, but I don’t think it’s that big.”

Kim Young-hwan, who chose to retire, began his leadership career as a KT coach. 

Kim Young-hwan said, “I always had a very big dream of becoming a leader. After the season, the club gave me a chance, so I think I made a decision without much worry. 

Next, Kim Young-hwan said, “The part of being a coach is very different from that of a player. I had thoughts about being a leader, but it is still a blank slate, so I have to learn a lot. I think I have to accept that a lot and put in a lot of effort.” 

Kim Young-hwan played in 665 professional games, recording an average of 8.9 points and a 3-point shooting success rate of 34.2%. His sincerity based on his thorough self-management set a great example for his colleagues and juniors. 토스카지노

Kim Young-hwan looked back on his career, saying, “I still want to say that I worked hard and did a good job with sincerity. I don’t think he was a flashy player. The play style itself wasn’t the style to do that. However, I think I did well with sincerity.” .

Lastly, Kim Young-hwan said, “There are many people who cheered by the side of the fans when they were having a hard time. Since they are not leaving the professional team yet, I think there will be time to see them again at the gym. I hope you will cheer me on a lot,” he greeted the fans. 

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