“Since then, I have been making promises to my parents, coaches, and people around me who give me advice. I will become a person.”

Sungkyunkwan University set aside the concerns of officials who expected it to be in the lower ranks last season, defeated Yonsei University in the regular league and advanced to the playoffs, establishing minimal pride. Although losing to Korea University in the quarterfinals, the result was somewhat lacking in the reputation of the semifinals that it has maintained for the past few years, but it was a good end to the season.

Sungkyunkwan University’s outlook for 2023 is bright. After finishing the college league, the place where the main players left was large, but freshmen who were immediately evaluated as a sense of power were evenly admitted across all positions and built a better power than last season. 

Jeong Bae-gwon (185cm, G), who took over as the captain of the team in the new season aiming for a rebound, is also unusual. He predicted his performance this season by making an average of 3 to 4 3-pointers in practice games against high school and professional teams. 

Even in the record, Jeong Bae-kwon’s outside shot was verified. Jeong Bae-kwon, who was in his third year at Yongsan High School, scored 12 three-pointers in the match against Daejeon High School in the preliminary round of the 2019 Association Janggi Tournament, leading to a 114-64 victory.

Looking closely at his record, he made 1 three-point shot in the first half and focused on 11 in the second half (5 in the 3rd quarter and 6 in the 4th quarter). At the time, it was the third-highest record in the history of the Secondhand Basketball Association.

Regarding the situation at the time, Jeong Bae-kwon said, “As a player, this is the most memorable scene. I just followed coach Lee Se-beom’s instructions and shot, but the shot went in like crazy. I still can’t forget the thrill of that time, and I want to forget it and feel that feeling again.” said.

He continued, “When I was in the 4th grade of Samgwang Elementary School, I caught the ball at the recommendation of my uncle, who was a professional basketball player. I didn’t have any athletic nerve, so I didn’t have the desire to become a player, and it was a test that I just followed. I fell in love with it and started it. Within a week of starting it, it was difficult to exercise and I couldn’t adapt to life in the sports club, so I cried every day and said I quit, “he recalled the time he started playing basketball.

“It was a time when I was just crying, but I was encouraged by my mother’s words that having fun is when you improve your skills at your son’s immature behavior. I decided to transfer to Dandaebujung, where a place to play is guaranteed.”

“Since Dandaebujung does not have a linked elementary school, there were many friends who started playing basketball for the first time, and coach Dongil Cha taught them step by step from the basics. Looking back, it was a good decision. I was able to try all the skills I had to experience as a basketball player, such as shooting, reading, breaking through, etc. I learned a little more about basketball and made a comeback to Yongsan High School.” 스포츠토토

When asked about after entering college, he said, “I had a lot of work on the bench due to my small height and low speed compared to the position. Injuries also caught my ankle and I tasted frustration. I only put a spoon on the results of my outstanding seniors and friends’ sweat. My strength. “This year is the last opportunity to prove my worth as a basketball player. It was a difficult time physically and mentally, but the manager and coaches taught me a lot about what I lacked and trained hard.”

He went on to say, “This year, with the addition of talented freshmen to Sungkyunkwan University’s unique organization, I am excited and excited. Sungkyunkwan University’s basketball has never been easy. I have seen this recurring for 3 years, so this year’s expectations are more than the past 3 years. The speediest Min Ki-nam (175cm, G) and crazy fingertip Park Jong-ha (186cm, G) are also sweating a lot. The last season with the two friends I want to make it the best season,” he said, diagnosing himself and Sungkyunkwan University until now.

Sungkyunkwan University coach Kim Sang-joon said, “When I was asked to take the captaincy for the first time, he refused because it was burdensome to stand in front of others. I lost my confidence. I am working with the coaches to restore that part.”

He also said, “This year is the last season for Jeong Bae-kwon as a college student. There is a saying that ‘a person is worth the amount of effort he puts in.’ I hope you know this and increase your value through a lot of effort.”

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