Professional basketball this season is evaluated to be more interesting than any other season. While Anyang KGC, with its mighty power, reigned as the absolute powerhouse, Jeon Seong-hyun showed an all-time high 3-point performance, summoning past legends such as Moon Kyung-eun and Jo Sung-won, and Kim Seon-hyung’s Showtime shone in the second half. Especially in the playoffs, numerous famous matches were directed and many fans were enthusiastic.

Goyang Carrot (Day 1) advanced to the semifinals despite various difficult circumstances and received warm applause, and praises were poured out as ‘moving carrot’. Among them, (small) Lee Jung-hyun showed tremendous performance proving that he is the next generation superstar to lead the league. Although it was unfortunately defeated in the 7th game of the championship 온라인카지노 match, SK’s potential was also amazing. KGC was expected to win easily in terms of objective power, but the one-two punch of Kim Seon-hyung and Jamil Warney combined with coach Jeon Hee-chul’s leadership made it possible to create a great series in which it was difficult to predict the winner even at the last moment.

Meanwhile, after the season, three veteran forwards who had been active in the league for a long time announced their retirements side by side, another era was over. Anyang KGC Yang Hee-jong (38‧194cm), Suwon KT Kim Young-hwan (38‧195cm), and DB Yun Ho-young (38‧195.6cm) are them. Yang Hee-jong and Kim Young-hwan were drafted in 2007, and Yun Ho-young was a year younger than him in terms of school, but all three were born in 1984 and are the same age.

Although the playing style is different, the main position is also number 3 for all three. Their retirement is becoming a hot topic in that it is not easy to find a case in which three people of the same age and position finish their active lives at the same time, leaving behind a bold career. The three of them have been referred to as the ‘three captains of sports’ among fans from quite a long time ago.

The three admirals of the Navy refer to the three admirals belonging to the Navy Headquarters, the world’s most powerful force in the popular Japanese animation ‘One Piece’. Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu are expressed as powerful people who are afraid of even the most prominent pirates in the work because they have tremendous fighting power in addition to their respective colors. Yang Hee-jong is similar to the ‘red dog’ Akainu.

Considering the strong defensive power that tied up any opponent if he wanted to, there is an opinion that it is reminiscent of Aokiji, who impedes movement through his ice ability. However, as can be seen from his promotion to marshal later, it seems that he has more in common with Akainu in that he actually rose to the highest position among the three generals and that he ran more passionately than anyone else on the court and spurted hot blood. 

Yang Hee-jong is the most behind in scoring and assists among the three. Considering that he was famous for his defense expertise, there is even an opinion that even the current record seems surprisingly high. However, no one puts Yang Hui-jong below Yun Ho-young and Kim Young-hwan. He made a huge contribution in invisible areas such as defense and leadership, and even possessed as an ace in big games such as playoffs. Above all, the fact that he participated in all four championships of his team is a decisive factor in making him one of the best small forwards of all time, despite his offensive weaknesses.

◆ Yang Hee-jong’s regular league record ☞ Average 6 points, 3.7 rebounds, 1 assist, 0.6 steals, 0.6 blocked shots in 618 games ​
⁕ Most records in a single game: Scores ☞ January 23, 2014 against Ulsan Mobis = 28 points / assists ☞ January 29, 2019 against Jeonju KCC = 8 / Steals ☞ November 10, 2015 against Jeonju KCC = 6 / Block shot ☞ Wonju DB match on November 15, 2018 = 5

Few people expected that Kim Young-hwan, who suffered from big and small injuries during his college and professional rookie days, would become a long-running icon by running well over 600 games. This is because, despite his outstanding skills, his injury concerns had a significant impact on the background of his nomination ranking being pushed back until the second half of the first round.

Through his steady self-management, his play matured as he got older, and he often produced impactful scenes even in big games. On February 24, 2017, in an away game against Changwon LG, his parent team, the ‘Double Clutch Sky 3-Point Hook Shot’ buzzer beater, thrown between the opponent’s double team with 2.4 seconds left, is still talked about to the extent that it competes for the best buzzer beater ever.

Kim Yeong-hwan resembles the ‘yellow monkey’ Kizaru, whose offensive ability is unique among the three generals. Kizaru, who ate the Flashing Fruit, usually puts on a friendly smile, but when he gets into a fight, he overwhelms his opponent with great concentration. Quite a few opponents can’t even escape in front of the fast-paced kicks and fingertip lasers that don’t miss the slightest gap. Kim Young-hwan was like that too. On days when his fingertips were so hot, every shot he threw split the court and bombarded the rim beyond the defense.

◆ Kim Young-hwan’s regular league record ☞ Total average of 8.9 points, 2.8 rebounds, 2 assists, and 0.7 steals in 665 games played
⁕ Most records in one game:

For Wonju fans, Yun Ho-young has a special meaning. After Kim Joo-seong, as a player who inherits the lineage of franchise stars, he built ‘Wonju Sanseong’ with current DB coach Kim Joo-seong and Rod Benson, and played an active role as an axis that can continue the team color of height. In the 2011-12 season, he even won the regular season MVP. It is regrettable that he could not win the championship despite advancing to the finals several times, but it is also true that DB maintained its status as a prestigious family because of him.

If Yang Hee-jong specializes in defense and Kim Young-hwan specializes in offense, Yun Ho-young has the best balance between offense and defense among the three. He had a wingspan of 210cm, athletic ability and good sense, so he showed high stability in his offense and defense. The battle of nerves with Yang Hee-jong during the championship match against KGC is still talked about.

On the court, Yun Ho-young was often seen as somewhat nervous and cold. It is said that his shy and introverted personality also had an effect on this, but on the other hand, he showed his blood boiling enough to blow a headbutt with his senior, Jo Seong-min, during the game. He was a man who was cold yet hot, hot yet cold. This is similar to Aokiji, the ‘blue pheasant’, who is eccentric yet serious, easy-going yet meticulous.

◆ Yun Ho-young, regular league record ☞ Total average of 7.8 points, 4.4 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 0.9 steals, 0.9 blocked shots in 516 games ​
⁕ Most records in one game: Scores ☞ 2011/01/2011 against Changwon LG = 29 points / assists ☞ 2/28/2011 against Busan KT = 9 / steals ☞ 17 February 2011 against Daegu Orions = 5 / Block shot ☞ Incheon E-Land match on November 22, 2011 = 6

teams plan to treat those who have shown the dignity of veterans for a long time. Yang Hee-jong, who was called ‘the heart of Anyang’, announced early on whether to retire or not during the season. As a result, the club also used the expression ‘last defense’ and paid special attention to the final season of the veteran. Colleagues also responded with the result of winning. Yang Hee-jong, the everlasting Anyang Man, will join as a coach from next season.

In the case of Yun Ho-young, he first went through the process of receiving leadership training in the United States. Considering the symbolism within the team, it is likely that he will join the coaching staff in the future, but it seems that the timing will be decided depending on how long the leader training process takes. Kim Young-hwan, like Yang Hee-jong, plans to start his coaching career from next season. Unlike Yang Hee-jong and Yun Ho-young, he is not a one-club man, but he has returned to the team where he started his professional life and retired, so he can continue a good relationship with KT.

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