Winner of four NBA Championships and MVP of the Champions League four times. Selected as All-Star 19 times and NBA First Team (Best 5) 13 times (both are the highest ever). Rookie of the Year (2003-04), Scorer (2007-08), Helper (2019-20), and Best Player in the Regular Season 4 times. Another wonder was placed on top of the monumental tower of unique records. A total of 38,390 points in the regular season. For the first time in 39 years, the name of the top scorer in American basketball has changed.

‘King’ Lebron James (39, LA Lakers) scored 38 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Arena in Los Angeles, USA on the 8th (Korean time), standing tall as the highest scorer in the 77-year history of the NBA. James, who had 36 points left before team senior Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (76)’s record of 38,387 points before this day, started with a corner 3 point in 3 minutes of the 1st quarter and quickly erased the score, and faded away with 10 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. He wrote history as a jumper (a shot that jumps behind the center and avoids the defense).

Basketball fans around the world counted his shots one by one. The score remaining until the new record was displayed on the stadium’s electronic display board and the right corner of the broadcast screen, and Lakers home fans filled the stands cheered whenever James caught the ball. On this day, which is known to have jumped more than 50% from the average price, the best seats in the Arena (166 and 167 courtside seats) were sold for $75,000 (approximately 94.27 million won).

The highest score is also meaningful to James, who has broken all kinds of cumulative records. He always said, “If I had paid attention to the record, I wouldn’t have come to this point,” but he also revealed his mistake about scoring. LeBron said on a talk show on HBO last year, “People never mention my name when talking about the greatest scorer of all time. That fact pisses me off.”

Now things have changed. Like the titled tribute (The Chosen One) when James, a high school student who was already a national star in his teens, debuted as a cover model for <Sports Illustrated>, even those who do not like James have ‘no choice’. When it comes to basketball, it’s difficult to continue any discussion without mentioning James by name. Actually, it was only a matter of time. 온라인카지노

James’ history is also a triumph of persistence. James, who is in his 20th season, averaged 27.2 points, 7.5 rebounds and 7.3 assists. The average score for this season, which is imminent, is 30 points, which is the same as the record 15 years ago (2007-08 season) when he was the top scorer in the regular season. He is the only one of James’ 2003 draftees still on the court. For a long time, James held the position of king without change.

For his steadiness, James constantly changed himself. The rookie, who focused on rim attacks at the forefront of fast-ball basketball using his outstanding athletic ability, later learned positioning in the paint zone and, in his 30s, honed his 3-point shot to compensate for his lost speed. He averaged eight 3-pointers per game last season, up from 2.4 3-pointers per game a decade ago. On this day, he also attempted six 3-pointers and made four.

Former record holder Abdul-Jabbar visited the stadium and watched history be made from the front row. It has been 39 years since he surpassed Wilt Chamberlain on April 5, 1984 to become the number one player. Staring at the court with a face full of emotions, he congratulated James on the court with NBI President Adam Silver after the record was achieved. Abdul-Jabbar lifted the ball in a motion reminiscent of a sky hook shot in his prime and passed it to James.

However, on this occasion, the Lakers lost to Oklahoma City 130-133. The jinx of James, who lost a game every time he raised the ranking of career scorers by one, was maintained today as well. The Lakers’ record this season is 25-30, 13th in the Western Conference. In fact, getting into the playoffs is difficult.

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