The match against Hanwha Eagles was held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 26th. At the beginning of the 6th inning, in the crisis of losing 1 out and 2nd and 3rd base, the Lotte Giants bench lowered Han Hyun-hee and put left-hander Kim Jin-wook (21) on the mound. In a 2-1 close lead situation, if you hit one shot, you could give the flow. Kim Jin-wook, who struck out pinch hitter Kim Tae-hyeon on a swing, treated Choi Jae-hoon as a left fielder and cheered. He suppressed the crisis with 11 pitches. Lotte, who won 8-1, ran a ‘5 consecutive wins’.

Kim Jin-wook said, “The ball entered the desired course well. He started in a crisis situation, but he thought that positive results would follow if he threw a good ball. He threw with confidence.”


is Kim Jin-wook’s average ERA this season. He pitched in eight games, posting one win and two holds. He pitched 9⅔ innings, giving up no runs on one hit and striking out 11. In the process of team victory, Kim Jin-wook appeared without fail. He is a key force in the bullpen.

The spring camp pitcher MVP did not make it to the opening entry. It’s a short time, but he came up after staying in the 2nd team. It was jagged during the trial game.

Kim Jin-wook, whom we met at the Sajik Baseball Stadium on the 26th, looked back and said, “What went well during the Okinawa camp was disrupted during the demonstration game. There were a lot of walks because the balance was not constant.”

Kim Jin-wook, who graduated from Gangneung High School, is the 1st ranked player in the 2nd round of 2021. He was the top pitching prospect that year. In his last 2 years he has experienced success and failure.

Appeared in 39 games in his first year. He went 4-6 with 8 holds and an earned run average of 6.31. In 2022, his second season finished with 14 games, 2 wins, 5 losses, and an earned run average of 6.36. Kim Jin-wook said, “It was a failed two years.”

But I wasn’t disappointed or frustrated. If failure is replaced with something meaningful, it cannot be regarded as failure. It becomes a stepping stone for leap forward.

“I’ve had various experiences over the past two years. People around me have told me a lot of hopeful stories that these experiences will help me become a bigger player.”

He said, “It was very different from when I was an amateur. It was different from playing every day and starting a new day after one day. I tried to solve it with my successful experience in high school, but it didn’t work. This experience became an opportunity for change.”

While I was at Futures, I didn’t prepare or try anything in particular. The coaching staff didn’t even order anything. “I tried to do what I have been doing all this time. I tried to balance and throw consistently. As a result, a certain balance came out and it got better little by little.” “For the season to end, he has over 100 games left. I will continue to study and work hard,” he said.

He said that he received a lot of help from his seniors in the mental aspect. He said he was “clearing his head and looking only at the middle and trying to throw it.”

There is no separate personal goal. The first goal is to throw with all your might, whether it be one inning or three innings, when the pitching order is given.

On the 18th and 20th, he pitched against the KIA Tigers. He gave up one hit and no runs in 1⅓ innings in the 18th game.스포츠토토

However, he struck out all 4 out counts. On the 20th, he pitched three scoreless innings. Kim Jin-wook said that these two matches were the best. “There were walks, but I think I did my part by catching the flow,” he said.

His current role is to go out as a midfielder and lead as long as possible innings. I think of it as a stepping stone to becoming a starting pitcher. Kim Jin-wook said, “If you accumulate experience right now, an opportunity may come next year or in the middle of this year. I think this experience will be very helpful when making a selection.”

He said that breaking balls with high release points are his strengths.

“(B) Kyun-an is learning a lot by watching his brother. Looking at his pitching form, he thinks about how to improve his ball control,” Kim Jin-wook said several times, “I do it from a


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