ust before the transfer window closed last summer, Chelsea in the English Premier League gave Aubameyang the cursed number 9.

Despite being a single digit number, Chelsea players hated the number 9. At Chelsea, the number 9 is avoided by everyone.

This is because few players showed expectations while wearing the number 9 uniform. Representatively, Mateja Kezman, Steve Sidwell, Franco Di Santo, Fernando Torres, Radamel Falcao, Alvaro Morata, Gonzalo Higuain, and Romelu Lukaku inherited the 9th line, but they have fallen unbelievably.

Like Lukaku, some of them had to leave the team. So number 9 was a curse number on the team and was a number that was avoided. However, Aubameyang boldly chose number 9 and became a hot topic.

Every athlete has their own favorite number. Among them, West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice has a rather unusual uniform number. Maybe it’s a one-of-a-kind uniform number. That’s number 41.

The British media even reported that Rice’s number was a bizarre number. Rice says he will continue to wear the number 41 until the summer transfer window.

Why does he insist on number 41? What was the story? When he was young, he dreamed of becoming a soccer player and wore number 41, so he couldn’t throw it away.

So how did he come to prefer the number 41 shirt? He revealed that when he entered West Ham’s academy, the number 41 was given to him by the club’s officials.

It’s just that the uniform number the person in charge randomly picked up became the current number 41. Number 41 is such a high number that it becomes famous, so there are many cases in which assets choose their favorite number as their number. But Rice just made this number his favorite number.

He once introduced an anecdote related to his number in an interview with Gary Neville last season. Rice made everyone laugh by revealing, “It’s just the number Kitman (the uniform manager) gave me at the academy.”

He continued, “When I was in U-23, I had a first team squad number, and then I put a higher number.” Since then, he has come this far with me.” 헤라카지노

Rice added, “To be honest, I promised his father that I would keep the number 41 no matter what happened in my career.”

Now Rice seems to have some sort of jinx. He says he considers number 41 to be a good inspirational number for him. He grew up wearing number 41 while playing as a soccer player, and those things piled up one after another and became a jinx.

So, Rice confided, “I’m starting to wonder if playing with a new number might somehow get in the way.” It means that it has become a favorite number.
He says he is sometimes asked if the number 7 shirt suits him. But he shakes his hand saying “no”.

Meanwhile, Rice is likely to move to Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United after this season. The transfer fee is valued at £80 million.

During the last World Cup in Qatar, he hinted that he would like to leave West Ham. As for the reason, “I am thirsty for a 100% win. I am really ambitious and I want it,” he emphasized. “I told the club that from two or three years ago.”

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