“It’s a trade secret. I have something prepared…”

LG Moon Seong-joo finished the season unfortunately despite leaping to the starting lineup for the first time since his debut last year. It was a career high season, but two nines were on my mind. He had 9 stolen bases and 99 hits.

If he had spent his final month just a little better, he could have surpassed it, but he didn’t. Moon Seong-joo only had a batting average of 0.132 in 24 games since September. His hits were only seven, and he failed to steal a base on one attempt. His monthly performance had never been this sluggish, so he must have felt even more regretful.

First of all, this year is off to a good start like last year. Moon Seong-joo appeared in all three games from kt on the 1st to Kiwoom on the 4th, recording 6 hits in 12 at-bats and a batting average of 0.500. He already showed good signs from the exhibition game. He recorded a high batting average of 0.400 in 8 games. He multi-hits 4 times, but also had 3 games with 3 or more hits.먹튀검증

Moon Sung-joo recorded 2 hits and 1 steal in 5 at bats against Kiwoom on the 4th, which LG won 7-1. After the game, he tilted his head, saying, “I don’t think my feelings are good, but I wonder if the results are good,” and honestly said, “It’s not as good as when it was at its peak.”

Last year, he had to finish the season early due to a slump in September and a toe injury in October, rather than surpassing the titles in batting average and on-base percentage. He wants to be a steady player in the remaining 141 games this year. Moon Seong-joo said he would try to break the number nine in stolen base first. The fact that LG turned into a running team also affected the goal setting.

Moon Seong-joo said, “If the runner is in scoring position, I can score an RBI with a single hit (good).” “I want to try 10 this year. While increasing the number, the goal is to become a better runner than last year, when the margin was poor with 9 successes and 6 failures.

We look forward to hitting triple digits. However, at this point, Moon Sung-joo smiled and said, “I have prepared something, but it is a trade secret. I will talk about it after the season is over.” “Last year, as my swing got bigger, I cut my batting average a lot. The answer is likely to be known in October.

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