Jeonju Namjung advanced to the finals of the 2023 Federation Presidency National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship held in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk.

Jeonju Namjung was tied with Hongdae Bu Middle School with 2 wins and 1 loss, but the winner-to-win rule was applied and they advanced to the finals as 1st place in the group.

Jeonju Men’s Middle School coach Kim Hak-seop singled out Son Gwang-won (junior grade, 176cm), who played an active role with 29 points (6 3-point shots) and 10 steals in 2 games as the best player in the preliminaries.

He said, “Every player did their part, but Son Gwang-won raised the atmosphere with a 3-point shot and a steal at the moment the team needed it. He was a player who wanted to teach after seeing the sense of reading the game in elementary school. I have a lot of trust as a leader because I am a player who does it.”온라인카지노

“Defense is based on sincerity and diligence. Son Kwang-won’s defense ability has been proven enough to win the defense award at the last spring competition, and he is a player that the team really needs. “I hope it will be over. I hope that I can show off my abilities to the fullest in the finals, 

” he said, evaluating his pupil. He fills the role of a shooter within the team, but he is still lacking. In particular, I was pointed out by the coach that I had to throw confidently in the clutch situation, but I needed to fix the hesitation part. Even if coach Kim Hak-seop made a mistake, he gives courage with praise if he played hard. I want to win the championship by winning all the remaining games of the tournament.

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