‘Police Fighter’ Lee Jae-won (36, Team Strong Wolf), who won the prize money against Kwon Ah-sol (37, FREE) in the Road FC fighting program ‘Real Fight’, challenges the road FC pro stage to win.

On the 6th, Road FC Chairman Jung Moon-hong revealed on his personal YouTube channel, Gao Hyung Life, the matchup between Wi Jeong-won (19, Namyangju Team Finish) and Lee Jae-won, who will face off at Goobne ROAD FC 063, which will be held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 25th.

Lee Jae-won recently appeared on the SBS variety show ‘Pure Fighter’ and showed his passion for martial arts to the public. He revealed the reason why he challenged the Road FC stage to Chairman Jeong Moon-hong. 카지노사이트

He said, “I like challenges. Like ‘Real Fight’, I wanted to do it with a strong player who has experience rather than a weak player this time. I am approaching forty. I’m 37, I don’t know how old I will be, but I decided to do my best and play a great game without regret,” Lee Jae-won said, explaining why he decided to make his professional debut.

Lee Jae-won has been training in MMA and has been working hard to foster strong police officers as a martial arts instructor. He appears in ‘Real Fight’ and ‘Crystal Fighter’, showing unbreakable fighting spirit and putting pressure on opponents with sharp blows, and is recognized by many martial arts fans.

Wi Jung-won, who came up as the opponent, kept the opponent in check with jabs and kicks, and then pushed the opponent with strong blows, showing a hot appearance. Lee Jae-won, who will have a match against Wi Jung-won, who has a professional record, is doing his best to prepare to live up to the fans’ expectations.

There are malicious comments like ‘Do police officers go to fight~’, but I’m not going to fight, I’m just going to play sports. I hope you don’t look at it too badly and look at martial arts as a sport,” Lee Jae-won asked.

Tickets for Goobne ROAD FC 063 can be purchased at Interpark Ticket. Matches start at 4:00 pm for part 1 and 6:00 pm for part 2.

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