Adidas Golf, together with the Burning Cart Society, introduces the ‘Adicross X Burning Cart Society Collection’, a special golf wear made for nature, and takes the lead in installing an eco-friendly golf culture. 먹튀검증

Adicross is a representative collection that shows the various changes and attempts of adidas golf, leading various transformations and trends in golf wear. Adidas Golf said, “In 2023, we collaborated with BCS (Burning Cart Society) to show golfers a sustainable golf culture in a broader sense.”

‘BCS’ is an organization founded by photographer Christian Hafe for the sustainable environment of golf culture. As the name of the group suggests, it aims for a culture that does not use carts, and this originates from the founding principle of modern golf. You can see and remember the moment of the course, and enjoy golf in its purest form while fully feeling the course.

Because golf is basically played outdoors, the natural environment is as much a part of the round as the golf shot that moves the player. Adidas Golf explained, “We are always at the forefront for nature, and we are focusing on continuing material innovation that puts athletes and the earth first.”

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