Chinese soccer is showing signs of resurgence after a complete collapse that included a loss to Vietnam.

In a friendly match between China and Myanmar, China defeated Myanmar 4-0 on the afternoon of Sept. 16 at Xowiyuan Soccer Stadium in Dalian, China.

With naturalized striker Yi Wukezong (Elkeson) up front, Chinese Super League bomber Wu Lei, and Real Madrid second teamer Lin Liangming on the wing, the Chinese attack was on fire.

Defender Zhang Linfeng opened the scoring in the 29th minute. After a series of headers following a left corner kick, Zhang Rinfeng collected a second ball that bounced off the defense and volleyed it into the back of the net for the opening goal.

Then in the 35th minute, as if watching Arsenal, Lin Liang Ming’s low shot from a one-touch pass from Iuke Jong found the back of the Myanmar net again.

Before the end of the half, it was the Urey show. In the 30th and 36th minutes of the second half, Wu Lei received a backpass from teammate Liu Yang, who was rushing into the box, and slotted it home for her third goal of the match, and six minutes later, she completed her multi-goal performance with a powerful sprint to beat the opposing defense and goalkeeper.메이저놀이터

With his 29th career A-match goal, Wu Lei moved into second place on the Chinese national team’s all-time scoring list.

After a convincing win over Myanmar, ranked 160th in the FIFA rankings (as of April), the Chinese national team (ranked 81st in the FIFA rankings (as of April)) will look for another victory on April 20 against Palestine. The Palestinians were previously ranked 93rd in April.

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