Bucheon FC succeeded in escaping the losing streak with a complete victory.

Bucheon won 4-0 in an away game against Chungbuk Cheongju FC in the 9th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Cheongju Sports Complex on the 23rd. Bucheon (13 points), who escaped from 3 consecutive losses, raised the ranking to 6th place. On the other hand, Cheongju fell into a three-game losing streak. In particular, he failed to score a single goal during the three-game losing streak and accepted the report card of 11 runs.

It was a match between two teams that were on a losing streak. Cheongju lost two games in a row and Bucheon lost three games in a row. A reversal was needed. Bucheon coach Lee Young-min expressed the importance of the first goal and made it clear that he would bring results rather than content. Cheongju coach Choi Yoon-gyeom also showed his will to wipe out the sluggish performance of 2 matches and 7 runs.카지노

As such, the two teams clashed strongly from the beginning of the match. Cheongju took the initiative and led the game, but it was fruitless. And Bucheon scored the opening goal. Hamos, who received a pass inside the penalty box in the 23rd minute of the first half, passed with a sensational chip kick. Ahn Jae-jun calmly finished this with his right foot and shook Cheongju’s net.

Cheongju’s offensive work was not smooth. Paulinho and Jorge were blocked by the opposing defense and could not create a chance to do so. In the 26th minute of the first half, Cheongju had an opportunity to attack. Kim Myung-soon raised a grounder cross from the right flank. Paulinho jumped in and tried to connect it, but he couldn’t reach his feet.

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