Mira Andreyeva of Russia, born in 2007, caused a surprise by defeating a player within the top 50 of the WTA World Ranking in women’s professional tennis.

Andreyeva, ranked 194th in the singles world, defeated Brazil’s Beatrice Adad Maia 2-0 in the second round of the singles finals on the third day of the WTA Tour Mutua Madrid Open held in Madrid, Spain on the 28th (Korean time).

Andreyeva defeated 2021 US Open runner-up Leyla Fernandez 2-0 in the first round the day before.

The Madrid Open is a WTA 1000 series event held 9 times a year and is ranked just below the 4 majors.

Andreyeva, born in April 2007, defeated Fernandez to become the third-youngest player ever to win a singles victory at the WTA 1000 Series.

As she reached the third round on the day, she became the seventh player since 2000 to win against a player in the top 20 of the world rankings before she was 16 years old.스포츠토토

Andreyeva celebrates her birthday on the 29th.

Andreeva, who won the runner-up in the Australian Open Junior Women’s Singles in January this year, is growing rapidly by reaching the top in singles at the International Tennis Federation Championships held in Switzerland before this Madrid Open.

After losing 2-1 to Russia’s Alina Kornieva in the junior women’s singles final of this year’s Australian Open, she made headlines for her struggle to the point of holding back tears throughout her awards ceremony.

Andreyeva takes on Poland’s Magda Lynette in the third round.

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