Haiti’s Ashok (India) took the lead in the second round of the Ladies’ European Tour (LET) Aramco Saudi Ladies’ International held at the Royal Green Golf Course near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the night of the 17th (Korean time). Ashok shot a 6-under-par 66 that day, for a total of 13-under par. Korean New Zealanders Lydia Ko and Lilia Boo (USA) tied for second place at 11 under par.

Among Korean players, Kim Hyo-joo had the best performance with a 7-under par for ninth place. Lim Hee-jung tied for 13th at 6 under par, and Lee So-mi tied for 17th at 5 under par. Yoo Hae-ran made the cut with 3 under par, Kim A-rim, Shin Ji-eun, Hong Jung-min, and Seong Yu-jin made the cut with 1 under par, Jeon In-ji and Hwang Jung-mi with even par, and Lim Jin-hee with 1 over par.

On the other hand, Jung Yoon-ji, Lee Jeong-eun 6, Ha Min-song, Jo A-yeon, Ji Eun-hee, and Song Ga-eun were eliminated from the cut. The prize money for this tournament is $5 million. It is about four times the size of the KLPGA Tour’s highest prize money competition. 온라인카지노

Ashok, who cut 7 strokes on the first day, took another 6 strokes amid strong winds on the second day to take the lead. The shot was also very good, and luck followed, such as chip shots and putts from long distances. Ashok has won four European tours. There is no championship on the LPGA Tour.

World No. 1 Lydia Ko said, “The wind was so strong that the birds flew sideways.” Even so, it was reduced by 3 strokes.

Kim Hyo-joo also reduced two strokes while playing on a windy afternoon. Kim Hyo-joo drew local attention by wearing a mask on her face, saying it was similar to a hijab. Lim Hee-jung played in the afternoon and held on well without losing a point.

Lee So-mi cut 3 strokes in the afternoon wind on the first day, and played in the first group on the second morning without wind, reducing another 2 strokes. Yoo Hae-ran, who played with Aditi Ashok and Lim Hee-jung, lost two strokes.

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