Coach Lee Kang-cheol’s concerns that he would be replaced immediately if he complained of pain during the game were unfounded. Last year’s winning rate king Eom Sang-baek showed off his powerful pitch for 5 innings and made a splendid comeback from injury. 

Eom Sang-baek started the second game of the season against SSG in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 19th and reported his first win of the season with 5 innings, 2 hits, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts and no runs. It was the performance that led the team to its first three-game winning streak of the season. 카지노사이트

He was hit by Guillermo Heredia after one shot in the first inning, but he eliminated the runner by handling Choo Shin-soo with a double stroke. The pitch was stable. In the 2nd and 3rd innings, he quickly digested the innings by making 10 triplets in a row, and after two outs in the 4th inning, Choo Shin-soo walked and Choi Jeong-in’s infield hit 1st and 2nd base crisis was overcome by striking out Joo-hwan Choi on a swing. After that, in the 5th inning, leading 5-0, he faced only three batters with 11 balls and easily met the victory requirements. 68 pitches.

Eom Sang-baek passed the mound to Son Dong-hyeon in the 6th inning, leading 5-0, and finished his return from injury in a good mood. Under the fastball of up to 148km, he put a slider, changeup, and cutter in the right place to block the SSG lineup, the winning team last year, without scoring. The strike (68)-ball (25) ratio was also ideal. 

Eom Sang-baek made his first start of the season against Suwon KIA on the 4th and scored 3 scoreless innings and was replaced 4 times. His reason was an injury. He came off the mound after 65 pitches with pain in his right elbow, and spent two weeks recovering without a mound. 

After undergoing rehabilitation, Eom Sang-baek is finally ready to start on the 19th. But his command tower still couldn’t erase his concerns. Director Lee Kang-cheol said, “I received a report that he is in good condition, but he doesn’t know what will happen after he throws. If he is not sick, he will throw about 70 pitches, and he will continue to check his condition in the middle of the game and will stop throwing if it is not good.”

Eom Sang-baek made his first appearance of the season again on the same day as the game on the 4th was declared a no game in the rain. Regarding the issue of his return from injury, he had an average ERA of 5.25 without a win or loss in 4 games against SSG last year, but all worries were for naught. He happily reported his first win of the season, showing off last year’s odds king’s majesty through five innings. 

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