British English Premier League (EPL) Tottenham Hotspur Irish defender Matt Doherty suddenly left the team, and his teammate Dejan Kulusevski publicly left a message full of affection for Doherty. .

According to The Bootroom, a British football media outlet on the 3rd (local time), Kulusevski posted a short comment saying ‘Legend’ with a heart emoji on Doherty’s farewell to Tottenham on his Instagram.

Tottenham officially announced Doherty’s transfer to Atletico Madrid on the 31st of last month, the deadline for the January transfer window.

In fact, Doherty has been on Tottenham’s release list for a long time. Many fans lost their minds early, as there was no news of contract renewal, nor that negotiations were underway. 메이저사이트

However, there are loud voices that the complete transfer to Atletico Madrid is an unexpected ending. This is because Doherty’s contract period was about a year and a half left, and Tottenham released Doherty without receiving a penny of the transfer fee. Tottenham terminated the contract with Doherty on the 30th of last month, the day before signing with Atletico Madrid, and released him as a free agent (FA) player.

Doherty moved to Tottenham from Wolverhampton Wanderers in August 2020. However, as he was pushed out of the main competition, he only played in 15 Premier League games in the 2021-22 season and 12 this season.

Doherty said on Instagram, “I have poured everything I can for the past two and a half years,” and said, “Thank you Tottenham.” On the other hand, he added, “I will be in touch with everyone at Tottenham for the rest of my life,” adding, “Good things are coming to Tottenham, and I look forward to my colleagues succeeding there.”

Kulusevski moved on loan to Tottenham in January of last year and worked with Doherty occasionally.

Meanwhile, Tottenham are in 5th place in the league with 11 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses this season.

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