Jisoo Jang lowered her head.

The Hanwha Eagles, led by coach Carlos Subero, lost 2-14 in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League kt Wiz held at Suwon kt Wiz Park on the 16th. He tried to win the first three games in a row, but failed.

There is a player who wore a Hanwha uniform that day and had a Hanwha debut match. It is pitcher Ji-soo Jang. Jang Ji-soo is a pitcher who was nominated by the KIA Tigers in the 20th round of the 2nd round in 2019. Ahead of this season, he and Han Seung-hyuk left KIA and came to Hanwha.스포츠토토

Jang Ji-soo is a promising player. nothing has been shown yet He is a promising pitcher who has solved his military problems with an average ERA of only 5.23 in 23 matches in the first team.

Unlike Han Seung-hyuk, who came over with him, his Hanwha debut was delayed. If Han Seung-hyeok played 6 games before the game that day and had been together since the opening, Jang Ji-soo was listed as a first-team entry on the 15th. He got on the mound in an exhibition game, but it wasn’t a regular game. Until then, he tuned his game sense in the Futures League. He posted an ERA of 3.00 with 2 holds in 4 games. This day was his debut match in the Hanwha uniform.

On this day, Ji-soo Jang stood on the mound at the bottom of the 4th inning following Nam Ji-min, who could not hold out even once, and Han Seung-hyuk, who pitched 2.2 scoreless innings.

He started well in the fourth inning. He gave up a heavy hit to lead batter Kim Sang-soo, but eliminated the runner by treating Kim Min-hyeok as a shortstop double hit. He then turned Kang Baek-ho into a floating ball in right field.

However, episode 5 was a crisis. he shook sharply. He gave up an infield hit to Anthony Alford. Then, with Alford stealing bases, Park Byeong-ho walked. Jang Seong-woo hit on first and second base, and Alford stepped home. Then, when he gave Kim Jun-tae a walk, the bases were loaded. When Park Kyung-soo was at bat, the third baseman’s sense put the runner out.

However, he gave up a right-handed hit to Ryu Hyun-in. It’s okay up to this point. He was able to minimize the conceded run to 1 point. However, Brian O’Grady’s catch error came home to second base.

This wasn’t the end. When Kim Sang-soo grounded, third base runner Park Kyung-soo came home, and when facing Jung Joon-young, third base runner Ryu Hyun-in came home and bowed his head. It was only after Jung Joon-yeong was grounded to first base that Jang Ji-soo and the Hanwha fielders were able to go to the bench. Afterwards, Jang Ji-soo handed over the mound to Lee Tae-yang before the start of the bottom of the 6th inning.

On this day, Ji-soo Jang recorded 4 hits in 2 innings, 2 walks, and 5 runs (4 earned), ending a disappointing Hanwha debut. His ERA rose to 18.00. The 5 runs Ji-soo Jang recorded on this day is the most runs scored in an individual game.

Jang Ji-soo shed tears as he finished his Hanwha debut match in regret.

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