Lee Jung-je advances to the Japanese stage. 

Japanese B2 League Earth Friends Tokyo Z announced on the 17th that they had recruited center Lee Jung-je from Goyang Carrot Jumpers through the club’s official website. Until the end of this season, it is a transfer in the form of a loan to play for Tokyo Z, and Lee Jung-je will be active as an Asian quarter player. 

Lee Jung-jae said on the club website, “Thank you to the club officials, coach, and president for giving me a chance to take on a new challenge while in Korea. I will try to help the team in what it needs. And together with my teammates I want to play a game that fans can enjoy,” he said. 

Tokyo Z, which is based in Tokyo, is at the bottom of the B2 league with 9 wins and 30 losses as of this season. In early February, it seemed to be preparing an opportunity to rebound by running 3 consecutive wins, but fell into 2 consecutive losses again. In the recent match, they lost 70-80 to Altiri Chiba led by Rio Lions from KBL. 

Excluding foreign players, Tokyo Z, which is suffering from a lack of tall resources, aims to reinforce the big man line by recruiting Lee Jeong-je. After graduating from Korea University, Lee Jeong-je, who went through Etland (currently Korea Gas Corporation) and KT, joined Orion, the predecessor of Carrot, and is a center with a height of 203 cm.

Lee Jeong-je, who has fewer opportunities to play than last season, is only playing an average of 2 minutes and 43 seconds in 3 games this season. There are Park Jin-cheol, Cho Jae-woo, and Kim Jin-yong in the position of Lee Jung-je in Carrot. Advancing into Japan could be another opportunity for Lee Jung-je. 

An official from the Carrot club said, “The Tokyo Z club, which was looking for a center, received an inquiry through team leader Kim Jung-rae, who is in charge of international affairs, and we recommended Lee Jeong-je, and a positive response came. Discussions have been completed, and the Japanese side has final approval for the recruitment.”

“Lee Jeong-je was voluntarily withdrawn for the purpose of advancing overseas, and after the season is over, he will return to Carrot and obtain FA status. I think it’s a positive effect of the quota system, and I think it’s good because the players can get more opportunities.” 토토사이트

Lee Jeong-je, who went to Japan in early February, briefly returned to Korea to solve the work visa issue, and then left for Japan again. Lee Jeong-je, who will play with his uniform number 17, is expected to make his first appearance against Aomori on the 20th. Aomori has Michael Craig, who played for Samsung.   

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