Women’s General Epee finals, national team ace Song Se-ra 15-8 beat
Hyo-jeong Bang, first gold on the high school stage… Women’s Saber Seo Ji-yeon, 2nd straight victory

Shin Hyun-ah (28), a former national representative of Hwaseong City Hall, won the first gold medal for a team founded this year in the individual epee event at the 52nd President Baejeon Country Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships.

Shin Hyun-ah, under the guidance of coach Lee Myung-hee, easily defeated national ace Song Se-ra (Busan City Hall), 15-8, in the women’s general epee individual finals on the 3rd day of the competition, which continued at the Yeonggwang Sportium National Sports Center in Jeollanam-do on the 17th. won This is the first slope of the women’s team of Hwaseong City Hall, which was founded this year.온라인바카라

Previously, Shin Hyun-ah defeated Yu Jin-sil (Jeonnam Provincial Office) 15-10 in the round of 16, followed by Choi In-jeong (Gyeryong City Hall) in the quarter-finals 14-13, and Kim Chae-rin (Gangwon-do Office), a junior at Hwaseong Hyangnam High School, in the semi-finals 13-12. He struggled through and made it to the finals.

In a phone call with Gyeonggi Ilbo, Shin Hyun-ah said of her “I am delighted and stunned to come back to her hometown and win her first championship. She admitted that the quarterfinals against her older sister was a rough one, and her victory boosted her confidence. I think she was able to win by playing comfortably because she knows Sarah and her sister so well,” she said.

Also, in the women’s high school epee final, ‘newcomer’ Bang Hyo-jeong (Hyangnam High School) defeated Yang Seung-hye (Chungbuk Physical Education High School) 15-14 after a close match and won her first gold medal in the high school individual event. Bang Hyo-jung defeated her teammate Choi Jae-eun 15-7 in the previous quarterfinals and Seo Heo Se-eun (Daejeon Girls’ High School) 15-12 in the semifinals.

Bang Hyo-jung said, “I am so happy that she won her first championship at her high school stage, beating her outstanding older sisters. She was dark when she was trailing by 5 points in the finals, but her coach said, ‘Let’s do one’, so after scoring with confidence, she was able to win the game. I will do my best to keep winning in the future,” she said.

Meanwhile, in the women’s general division saber individual finals, ‘defending champion’ Seo Ji-yeon (Ansan City Hall) defeated her senior national team senior Kim Ji-yeon (Seoul City Hall) by a score of 15 to 5 and took the top spot for the second year in a row. Seo Ji-yeon defeated Yoon So-yeon (Daejeon City Hall) 15-11 in the quarterfinals and Jeon Soo-in (South Jeolla Provincial Office) 15-7 in the semifinals to reach the final.

On the other hand, Hong Se-na (Ansan City Hall), who reached the final of the women’s general foil individual event, lost to Chae Song-oh (Chungbuk Provincial Office) by a score of 12 to 15 and finished runner-up.

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