South Korean soccer player Son Joon-ho, who was detained by police in China on suspicion of bribery, has been turned into a criminal investigation, putting his career at a critical juncture.
He is now effectively in the judicial system and his trial is expected to take months.

South Korean midfielder Son Jun-ho, a key player in the ‘Qatar World Cup Round of 16’.

It has been reported that Chinese public security has switched to a custodial investigation against Son, whose time limit for criminal detention has expired.

Son Jun-ho was detained at Shanghai Airport on his way home from Qatar on March 12 and has been under investigation by the Public Security Bureau on suspicion of “bribery of a non-civil servant.

The 37-day “detention investigation period” expired yesterday, the 17th.

This means that the investigation into Son Junho has entered the formal judicial process.

The Public Security Bureau usually takes about two months to conduct further investigation before proceeding with prosecution, meaning that Son’s guilt or innocence will eventually be determined in court.

South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had no comment on the status of the investigation, saying only that “our mission is in close communication with the Chinese side.”메이저놀이터

Klinsmann showed his support for Son by including him in the roster even though he knew he would not be able to compete.

▶ Interview: Jürgen Klinsmann / Head coach of the national soccer team (last 9 days)

  • “I hope and pray that Son Junho can come back. The fact that we picked Son Junho shows that we are supporting him….”

At a time when he should be most active on the field, he is at the biggest crossroads of his career.

This is MBN News’ Kang Jae-mook.

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