Daegu City has announced that it will upgrade 
the Daegu International Marathon to the world’s highest level from 2024  . The goal was to significantly increase the prize money and participate in the world’s best players  to surpass the world’s most prestigious Boston tournament. This is reporter Kim Eun-hye. ◀Reporter▶ The Daegu International Marathon, which started in 2001,  has been recognized by the World Association of Athletics Federations as a silver label for 10 consecutive years through 22 competitions.스포츠토토 In 2023, which was held normally in 4 years due to Corona 19,  it received a great response, with about 15,000 club members participating in the competition  while the gold label was recognized  . Daegu City has decided to raise the prize money first, saying that it will be held as the world’s most prestigious competition  starting in 2024  . It was decided to increase the total prize money  from $220,000 to $885,000, including a four-fold increase in the  prize money for the first-place overseas elite player  from $40,000 to $160,000. It far exceeds the prize money  of the world’s five major competitions, including Boston, New York and London  . 1st prize in Korea, from 5 million won to 20 million won,  additional prize money given when a new record is achieved 

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◀Kim Dong-woo, Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Daegu City▶
“We expect that a large number of excellent players with the world’s best skills  will participate , and we expect that it will be the biggest motivation for domestic players as well  .” We are also planning to prepare the conditions to obtain the highest level Platinum label by reviving the Masters full course  and increasing the number of participants  . The departure point will be unified with Daegu Stadium, and  a downtown circulation course that can  show Daegu’s attractions such as Dalgubeol-daero and Suseongmot  will also be approved. ◀Dong-Woo Kim, Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Daegu City▶ ” We will come up with unique events and publicity plans that are differentiated from  other marathons in order to grow into a  more lively and energetic global marathon festival with the participation  of small-scale running crews, families, acquaintances, and young people  . ” The city of Daegu  expects to leap forward as a world-class athletics city, saying that it is expected that the increase in participation fee due to the expansion of the participation scale and the raising of  the prize money will be sufficient due to the sponsorship of local companies  . This is Kim Eun-hye from MBC News. (Video editing Yoon Jong-hee CG Kim Hyun-joo)

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