“The fierce competition in Jeonbuk is burdensome, but fun”. 

Jeonbuk Hyundai, which had a lot of worries about strengthening the defense, recruited Jeong Tae-wook from Daegu FC ahead of the new season. 

Jung Tae-wook, a native of Jeju youth, made his K-League debut by joining Jeju ahead of the 2018 season. Jung Tae-wook, who moved to Daegu the following year, played 123 games in four seasons. 

Jung Tae-wook is the core of Daegu’s defense, and has achieved achievements such as Daegu’s advancement to Final Round Group A for three consecutive seasons, runner-up in the 2021 FA Cup, and advancing to the round of 16 of the 2021 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League.

In addition, Jung Tae-wook went through the national team of each age group, starting with the 2016 AFC U-19 Championship. In particular, he won the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games and the 2020 AFC U-23 Championship.

Jung Tae-wook, who has grown into a representative defender of the K-League with a height of 194 cm and excellent physical defense, played 128 games in 5 seasons in the K-League. 

After joining Jeonbuk after the efforts of technical director Ji-Sung Park and the efforts of the club, he is sweating heavily in Marbella, Spain. 

Jeong Tae-wook said, “The training atmosphere is really good. Especially, the competition within the team is great. The competition is fierce from training. Competition is the atmosphere of the team. The fierce competition is really fun and good.” 

He continued, “It is a real honor to join the K-League and the best club in Asia, Jeonbuk. I know what you want from me. Therefore, I will pour out everything and try to stabilize the defense.” 

The mission entrusted to Jung Tae-wook is simple. He became a new member of Jeonbuk’s defense, which boasted strong defense as well as offense. In particular, if Jung Tae-wook joins while the existing central defenses such as Hong Jeong-ho and Park Jin-seop are in good health, various tactics can be used. This is because all three central defenders have various characteristics. With the addition of Jung Tae-wook, Jeonbuk’s central defense has also risen. 

Joining the team for a generational change, he said, “A lot of friends of the same age who were born in 1997 joined. There are many friends from the past, such as (Cho) Kyu-seong, Kim Gun-woong, Baek Seung-ho, and Maeng Seong-woong. Therefore, it is not difficult to adapt at all. They welcomed me. That’s why it’s not like the first team I joined, it’s like where I was originally. It’s easy to raise the atmosphere more while working with that mindset.”  카지노

He also said, “Of course, Jeonbuk is a team that needs to make results. Therefore, the burden is great,” he said. I have high expectations. I have to work harder. I have to work as hard as expected to create results.” 

The usual appearance of the uniform is similar to Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik. He explained, “I heard that the director did it so as not to lose his original intention. I am similar. It is more so because I wear my uniform inside. Of course, I don’t have to wear it up, but it looks that way.” 

Regarding his goals for this season, Jung Tae-wook said, “I want to achieve everything that I can achieve as a defender this season. If I become the best 11 and work hard, I will be able to become a national team member. I have to work hard to achieve all the results I can.” . 

On the other hand, Jeong Tae-wook said, “Starting with Jeju, I played in Daegu. Jeju also learned a lot. Daegu is the team that helped me grow. It really helped me a lot. I learned how to play games and take care of my body. I also received a lot of love. 4 I was always happy throughout the year. There were times when I struggled, but it was also a time when I learned the strength to overcome.”

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