I couldn’t give up my greed for money. I want to stay on the team, but still want to be the top scorer.

‘The Athletic’ said on the 30th (Korean time), “David de Gea has rejected the offer of an extension contract from Manchester United. “I offered a reduced contract, but De Gea didn’t accept it. He wants to stay at United, but he wants to be the highest-paid player in the team.”

De Gea, who joined Manchester United in 2011, has always been the team’s main goalkeeper. In 2019, he received his current weekly wage through a renewal contract. It is the highest weekly wage among all Premier League players, as well as Manchester United. 안전놀이터

Manchester United decided to extend De Gea’s contract early. This is because manager Eric Ten Hag has absolute trust in De Gea.

Even when de Gea made a mistake during the game and was criticized by the fans, he actively defended it, saying, “I’ve seen a lot of games where de Gea played really well. You can’t judge by one or two mistakes. He is improving and will continue to be like that.” .

Manchester United also want De Gea to stay. Manchester United won the League Cup this season and finished third in the Premier League, and De Gea’s credit is not small.

Born in 1990, he is still at an age to enjoy his prime. Above all, it is difficult to find a league-class goalkeeper. It’s not just about having a lot of money.

De Gea has also announced that he will stay at Manchester United. Therefore, in Europe, it was expected that the extension contract would be made quickly, but the weekly wage became an obstacle.

Man U unconditionally demand a weekly wage cut. Unlike three years ago, £375,000 is clearly a lot of money for De Gea today. De Gea will not be able to stay at Manchester United unless he gives up his greed for money.

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