Bryson DeChambeau (USA) declared a resurrection in 2023.

In an interview on the website of the LIV Golf Invitational on the 2nd (Korean time), DeChambo revealed that he underwent surgery to remove a cyst on his upper jawbone last December.

DeChambo suffered from a blocked nose due to the cyst. DeChambeau, who was unable to breathe properly due to the cyst, complained of dizziness after the 2020 Masters and ended up on the operating table. DeChambeau said, “(Surgery) was the biggest decision of my life. After the surgery, I feel more energetic and my thoughts clearer. I feel like I’m back in the past.” 토토사이트

DeChambeau’s year 2022 was a year of struggle with various difficulties, not just the cyst. There were so many changes that he described it as a ‘year of reset’. Due to a drop in performance due to a wrist injury, he underwent surgery in April, and also suffered digestive problems due to excessive weight loss. In November of last year, his father, who had been battling diabetes for a long time, passed away. Because of this, DeChambeau could not lift the championship trophy even after participating in many competitions in 2022.

Above all, DeChambeau, who recently focused on increasing distance by increasing his size and maximizing swing speed, lost more than 20 pounds (about 9 kg) last summer alone. DeChambeau explained, “I realized the limits of my body and of my skills. When I get a ball speed of 185 miles per hour or more, I have to leave the direction to chance.”

DeChambeau’s world ranking, which had risen to the highest of 4th, has fallen to 96th. However, ahead of the 2023 season of LIV, he expressed his confidence, saying, “I want to go back to 2018 (when my skills were good). Now I feel healthier than ever.” DeChambeau will participate in the Saudi International (total prize money of 5 million dollars), the opening match of the Asian tour, which opens at the Royal Greens & Golf & Country Club (par 70) in King Abdulai Economic City, Saudi Arabia on the 2nd.

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