Gwangju is the first team under coach Lee Jung-hyo’s professional command tower. After becoming head coach of Gwangju, which was demoted to K League 2 in the 2022 season, he led Gwangju to the K League 2 championship in one season and returned to K League 1.

Described as the so-called ‘destruction of position’, this manager’s football utilizes the numerical superiority with the advance of the full-backs. When you steal the opponent’s ball, you quickly switch to an attack. During this process, the switching of players continues. 바카라

In addition, he persistently aims for the ‘half space’ (the second and fourth areas of the stadium’s vertical width divided into 5 equal areas), which Lee considers the most important.

In the K-League 1, ‘Lee Jeong-hyo’s soccer’ is making a soft landing. Gwangju is doing well with 2 wins, 2 losses and 6 points in 4 league games before the A match break in March. 

The match where his strategy hit the mark was the match against Incheon United in the 4th round right before the A-match, where he won 5-0. Gwangju constantly pressured and harassed Incheon and succeeded in attacking the half space, scoring five goals. 

Gwangju players are eager to study soccer every hour to follow coach Lee’s detailed instructions.

Striker Lee Hee-kyun says, “The analyst, coach, and coach always send me videos. While watching the video, I give instructions for each situation. I cut it in detail and show it to you, paying attention to each situation.” 

He added, “They make it so comfortable that we just have to watch it. We just have to see it and just do it. They do that to all the players and they work hard until 2:00 in the morning. It seems that (the players) are growing because they work hard like that.” 

However, the director is still not satisfied. In a recent interview with Xports News, he revealed that he had started preparing for another strategy through a practice match played during the A-match break.

Coach Lee said, “I had a practice game with the newly recruited players and the remaining players,” he said. 

He continued, “The opponent will now analyze us. I think they will try to stop us from doing well, so I’m running the Plan B and Plan C simulations and thinking about what to improve and attack when the opponent prepares for that.” 

Regarding the detailed preparation and another strategy, Lee said, “The opponent analyzes our team. Prepare differently. The players will have a hard time, but they have to do it.” 

It was in 2012, when coach Lee started coaching at his alma mater, Ajou University, that he started preparing and coaching detailed strategies with the players. 

He said, “It was a difficult time to edit (video), but I knew how to do it. He sent me the good and bad scenes of the players via messenger.” That’s why I was able to see how the players are growing,” he said. 

He added, “I see players growing as they practice and play, and watching them day by day motivates me as well.” 

In Gwangju, a team culture of studying and growing, regardless of Korean or foreign players, has established itself under coach Lee.

This is especially true of Asani, who scored the first hat-trick in the K League 1 this season and was first selected for the Albanian national team. Coach Lee says, “Asani is the player who got the most trouble (to me) during winter training.”

He said, “When I saw it during winter training, the movement was the way I wanted it. I didn’t think about my colleagues. Rather, it seemed that I wanted my colleagues to match it.” 

He said, “I also informed them on the playground in the morning before training. He also had the will to learn good things. Usually foreign players don’t do that, but Asani showed an attitude to learn. After that, he changed a lot and I felt like he respected me. receive,” he praised. 

What is the ideal football coach Lee thinks?

He said, “Rather than that, I want to continue playing football that Gwangju can do, football I want to play, and football that we can make the players run around without knowing it is fun and difficult.” I will play football for you.” 

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