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Minister Lee
Jeonnam Dragons Manager

Jeonnam Dragons and Minister Lee, who is in charge of Jeonnam, would have been the 2022 season that they did not want to look back on. I tried my best to win, but it didn’t work out. There must have been quite a lot of pain because there were so many games where I wondered how it would not go this far. It may have been an indescribable pain in the position of manager Lee, who is in charge of the team.

So, the atmosphere of the 2023 season winter training camp in Jeonnam is full of determination that the 2023 season should be different. Director Lee, the head coach, said at the meeting with <Best Eleven> that he was doing his best through the given training to fill in the missing parts. Although it was last year when there were regrets left, he expressed confidence that he could present a stronger Jeonnam to fans in the 2023 season, saying that there was a harvest gained even in that.

“Even if it’s hard, we have to play fun soccer unique to Jeonnam.”

Q. Nice to meet you. How are the preparations for the new season going?
“The preparations are going well step by step. The composition of the players has not yet been finalized, so in my heart I feel a bit rushed. Striker resources are lacking. But overall, the team members are well formed.”

Q. You seem to have had a lot of trouble after being appointed during the season last year. And now, going through the off-season, they are in the process of building the team in earnest.
“When I came to the team last year, I tried to create the soccer I pursued and the soccer unique to Jeonnam. I wanted to play, and I changed the color, but there was a lot of regret that victory didn’t follow. Still, there were many fans who were satisfied with the performance. Despite being ahead in possession, it was difficult to score goals from chances, but before The fans enjoyed it when they came up with a new pattern of goals that they hadn’t seen before. That’s why I tried to maintain the idea of ​​playing fun soccer unique to Jeonnam even though it was difficult. So far, I think it’s been done well.”

Q. After taking office last year, you went through a pretty harsh period. Wasn’t it the most difficult moment after debuting as a leader?
“It’s not like that. It was worse when I first coached at Yongin University. Then, I suffered really hard for three years. And after that, the results came out. Of course, the experience last year really helped me a lot in my soccer life. That experience, of course, helped me a lot. I think I can take the team to a higher level, but I admit it was a failure anyway. So I’ve been thinking a lot throughout this winter training. I don’t want to repeat my mistakes. I’m preparing well.”

Q. There were many cases where you drew or lost matches that could have been won. Regardless of the performance, it may be psychologically bruised.

“Of course, there were many times when I felt sorry for you. After taking office, he said he wanted to play ‘soccer so fast that you don’t have time to look at your phone even for a moment’, but I still have that mindset. Instead, I really want to bring more joy to the fans through victories.”

“Probability rather than change, play that predicts the situation one second later is important”

Q. What is the focus of winter training right now?
“I think it’s more important to increase the probability than a big change. I think it’s important how much the players can play the soccer I’m pursuing and how much they can develop through training. Of course, there are some important parts. For example, prediction Our composition and form are important, but I emphasize that prediction in all parts of play is really important, because if you can react sensitively to what can happen one second later, you can play soccer faster. .I think the morphological aspect is what we need to do next. I think we need to prepare for faster, more dynamic and really fun football.”

Q. You must have put a lot of effort into reinforcing the foreign players.
“Anyway, the most regrettable thing about last year was that we weren’t able to score easily. That’s why we’re putting a lot of effort into recruiting strikers. Our team’s weakness is that a large number of players who played well last year enlisted in Sangmu, and Park In-hyeok also left the team. I hope to deliver good news soon.” 바카라사이트

“Look at the long term and take one step at a time”

Q. Managing Director Kim Cheon returned to K-League 2 and two new teams were formed. In the 2023 season with a lot of change
, all teams will think that “every game to win, especially a match against a new team, must be won unconditionally. Most of all, we must not repeat the mistakes we made last year. There were many points where we conceded 2 or 3 seconds before the end and returned to the starting point, but now I see even that part as a matter of the coach’s preparation, not luck. As much as I was lacking, it shouldn’t come out like that again.”

Q. It may be a direct question, but what is your ranking goal this season?
“First of all, we are thinking about the playoffs, but in fact, we were the lowest ranked team last year. So, rather than leave a mark of achieving our goal, I would like to say first that we want to advance step by step with the mindset that we will definitely climb a high mountain. At some point, I wonder if we will reach the goal we want. At that time, we should set our goal again. I think that setting a big goal at once is a great desire for now. I plan to devote myself one step at a time. I’m thinking of moving forward, but I also want to find a way to be with our Jeonnam fans.”

Q. What do you want to leave to the fans ahead of the opening of this season, which will be held with the heart of the best judge?
“The players went through a tough process last year, and now they are really sweating in winter training. A new staff member has joined to fill up my shortcomings. “

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