“Never give up. Never give up!”

Colleen Bell, head coach of the Women’s National Football Team, has inspired a never-say-die attitude for the Socceroos ahead of their first World Cup match against Colombia.

Bell, along with ‘captain’ Kim Hye-ri (Incheon Hyundai Steel), held an official press conference ahead of their FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023 Group H match against Colombia at Sydney Football Stadium in Australia at 2pm (KST) on 24 April.

At the beginning of the press conference, there were a lot of questions from the media about the tournament’s ‘youngest player’, South Korea’s first mixed-race footballer Casey Fair, but Bell said, “Casey Fair is a player I’ve been watching for many years, and we have two other young players like her. We don’t want to put too much pressure on her because she’s young. “I don’t want to put too much pressure on her because she’s young and I’m trying to protect her from too much media attention,” he said, and then changed the subject, saying, “I’ll answer questions about the game tomorrow. “Everything is ready,” Bell said. With Hye-ri here, we’ve been training hard and we’re 100 per cent ready,” he said, adding, “Colombia is a strong team and they have a lot of good players. It’s going to be a very difficult game,” he said, “but we’re also a technically strong team. We are also physically ready for the increased playing time. We will give Colombia a good fight.” Captain Kim Hye-ri added: “We have done everything to prepare. We are ready to give 100 to 120 per cent from the first game as we have prepared.

“First of all, I have to say that Colombia is a good team,” Bell said, respecting the opposition. “Every team, every country has a different way of playing, their own style, their own philosophy. That’s why we can’t judge them,” he said, “but we’ll try to show what we can do tomorrow.”

“We’ve gained a lot of experience and gone through a good process in the last two World Cups,” said captain Kim Hye-ri, who will play in three consecutive tournaments – Canada 2015, France 2019 and Australia-New Zealand 2023. We have been preparing systematically for four years. Our immediate goal is to win against Colombia and get through the group stage. My goal is to reach heights that Korean women’s football has never achieved in the group stage,” she said. “If we do well, we can have a good impact on Korean women’s football. I feel a great responsibility that there hasn’t been a boom in women’s football in Korea because the adult women’s national team hasn’t done well. I hope we can do well and inspire more girls to want to play football.”

“We are well prepared, and I know the players better than anyone. All I can ask of them now is to give 100 per cent. Every team in the group ahead of us has already given their all on the World Cup stage and it’s been fantastic to see. We will do the same,” he concluded. “When asked by a foreign journalist if there was a Colombian player who stood out to him, someone who had been a standout for the U17s and U20s, Bell replied, “Linda (Caicedo)?” “She’s a fantastic player. She has speed and talent. She’s a joy to watch play. She’s got power, she’s got ability, she’s exciting. I wish he was in my team,” he joked, to laughter from the media. “I know Colombia is a strong team. But we have players on our team that we’re excited about as well. It’s fun to see them continue to improve,” he said, not forgetting his pride in being the Korean national team coach.카지노사이트

Bell was also asked about his four-year journey with the Korean National Team and how he leads by example, arriving at training before the players to prepare for each session and pushing himself to the same high intensity as the players. “I can train with the team as long as they want. It’s an honour for me. I was very happy for four years. It’s been a fantastic time, and Korea is the best place in the world to live and the best place for me,” he said. “It’s an honour to play on the World Cup stage with such great players. I love this country, I love Korea,” he added, “I want to find the right tactics, the right strategy for these players and win. These players have potential. My goal is to help them go where they have never gone before.” “I am also aware of the strong culture of Korea. I really want to give something back to the Korean people.”

He continued

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