Hong Seong-min and Kim Woo-seok of ‘Boy Fantasy’ debutant group FANTASY BOYS have been selected as pitchers and batsmen.

FANTASY BOYS’ Hong Seong-min and Kim Woo-seok will be pitching and batting for the Lotte Giants’ second Dream of Ground Series in Ulsan from 30 June to 2 July.

On 2 July, the final day of the second Dream of the Ground Series, Hong Seong-min will take the field as a wicketkeeper and Kim Woo-seok as a batsman to support the dreams of the invited Ulsan youths카지노.

The second Dream of Ground series, featuring Hong Seong-min and Kim Woo-seok as wicketkeeper and batsman, is inspired by the team’s cheer “DREAM OF GROUND” and is the first home game series to be held in Ulsan this season.

Hong Seong-min and Kim Woo-seok, who will be attending as pitcher and batsman for the first time since their debut, will not only meet fans through the Dream of Ground series, but also add to the excitement of the game. The two members of Fantasy Boys, who made their official debut on MBC’s “Boy’s Fantasy – After School Excitement Season 2” (hereinafter referred to as “Boy’s Fantasy”), have been communicating with fans through various contents.

Tickets and details for the Dream of Ground series featuring Hong Seong-min and Kim Woo-seok can be found on the Lotte Giants website or through the official application.

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