‘Figure skating general’ Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University) finished this season by washing away the frustration of the World Championships.

Kim Ye-rim scored 143.59 points, a combination of 75 technical scores (TES) and 68.59 artistic scores (PCS), in the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating National Team World Team Trophy Women’s Single Free Skating held at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on the 14th. received.

Kim Ye-rim took third place in the free skating following Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School), who ranked first with 148.57 points, and Kaori Sakamoto (Japan, 145.75 points), who ranked second.스포츠토토

In particular, Kim Ye-rim broke her previous free skating personal best score of 142.09 points (2022 ISU Challenger Finlandia Trophy).

Kim Ye-rim has participated in a total of 9 international competitions this season. She had one of the busiest seasons among the top ISU women’s singles rankings. Yerim Kim has won a total of three gold medals at ISU international events this season. At the Grand Prix France and the Four Continents Championships, she won a silver medal, and at the 2023 World Winter Collegiate Athletics (Winter U Games), she won a bronze medal.

These moves and results were the best among Korean female singles players since Kim Yuna (33). However, the most important world championships left a great disappointment. Unable to perform at her full potential due to her chronic back injury and poor physical condition, he received a poor report of 18th place.

After the tournament, Kim Ye-rim stayed in Japan to refresh herself. The encouragement from her national teammates Lee Si-hyung (23, Korea University) and Kyung Jae-seok (23, Kyunghee University), who cheered her on from the stands, was a great help. After a short trip to Japan with Lee Si-hyeong and Kyung Jae-suk, Kim Ye-rim, who ran her breathless all season, prepared her World Team trophy with a new mindset.

In the women’s singles short program held on the 13th, she made a mistake on her first jump, a triple lutz + triple toe loop combination jump. In the short program, she placed 7th, but in the free skating, Kim Ye-rim returned as a ‘figure skating general’.

Her first jump, a triple lutz + triple toe loop combination jump, landed stably while avoiding a big mistake. However, the following jump was judged as underrotated (when the number of jump rotations is less than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees). In this technique she lost 0.17 points, but she did the rest of the elements flawlessly.

She especially excelled in the latter jumps, where she was given a 10% bonus. She received a performance score of 1.59 for the triple flip + double Axel sequence. The triple lutz + double toe loop + double loop combination jump also scored 1.18 points.

In the Choreosequence, where Inner Bauer stood out, a high performance score of 1.79 was awarded.

After the game, Kim Ye-rim raised her right arm and shed tears, unable to enjoy the overflowing emotions. He always showed a brave figure on the ice, befitting his nickname ‘Figure Skating General’. However, in a difficult time, Kim Ye-rim, who was supported by his colleagues who gave him strength, shed tears that he had been hiding.

Kim Ye-rim gave Team Korea the 10 points given to third place in the free skating. After the game, he expressed his feelings through his management company, All That Sports, saying, “It was a difficult time for me personally after the World Championships. But I am really happy to finish the season with a personal best.”

He said, “It was the first time for Korea to participate in the team trophy, so I really enjoyed the preparation process. I think the tournament will remain as a good memory.” Regarding the next season, he said, “I will prepare well so that I can show a more complete image of each tournament in the next season through what I have learned during this long season.”

On the other hand, Korea is in second place with 75 points, following the leading US (90 points). 3rd place Japan, with 74 points, is chasing Korea by 1 point.

On the 15th, the final day of the competition, men’s single free skating and pairs free skating will be held. In the men’s singles, ‘Captain’ Cha Jun-hwan (22) and Lee Si-hyung (23, Korea University) pair, Cho Hye-jin and Adcok pair will compete.

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