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Napoli’s Kim Min-jae recorded his first assist of the season with a diving header.

He also performed flawlessly on defense, earning the highest rating on the team.

This is reporter Son Jang-hoon.

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Napoli’s corner kick with a 1-0 lead.

When it was hit by the opponent’s goalkeeper’s hand and flowed, Kim Min-jae threw himself, and Osimen scored an additional goal.

Kim Min-jae headed the ball towards the goal, but Oh Shimen got his foot first, and Kim Min-jae instead of scoring scored, he provided his first assist of the season.

Osimen also expressed gratitude for Kim Min-jae’s decisive assist, which was no different from a goal.

In defense, the main job, he played a near-perfect performance.

He contributed to a stable build-up with the most passes in the team, with a success rate of 88%, and tied the opponent’s attack with one effective shot while ranking first in the team in kicks and aerial competitions.

Along with the local media’s praise of ‘it was an excellent defense’, some gave Kim Min-jae the highest rating in the team, and coach Spalletti praised him as “very good”. 바카라사이트

[Spalletti/Napoli coach]
“He definitely did a good job in defense. There were several dangerous scenes in the penalty area, but Kim Min-jae and Rahmani blocked it well.”

Napoli, which continued its six-game winning streak with a 3-0 victory while showing off an overwhelming performance, raised the probability of winning the league to 95%, which was predicted by statistics experts.

This is Son Jang-hoon from MBC News.

Video editing: Kim Jin-woo

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