The World Samsan Gymnasium is boiling again. Heungkuk Life Insurance, the most popular team in women’s professional volleyball, once again seized the opportunity to recapture the first place alone. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance will play the 5th round home game against Pepper Savings Bank in the 2022-23 Dodram V League Women’s Division at Samchan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 15th. Heungkuk Life Insurance recorded 20 wins and 7 losses as of the 14th, with 60 points, and is in second place, one point behind Hyundai E&C, which is the first in the league. Since Hyundai E&C lost to Korea Expressway Corporation on the 14th by a score of 1-3 and failed to add points, if it wins the Pepper Savings Bank game on this day, it can lead Hyundai E&C by one or two points. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance had a chance to recapture the first round at the IBK Industrial Bank match held at home on the 11th, but was struck 1-3 against a team that had never lost until the 4th round. The Samsan World Gymnasium was attended by 58,000,000 spectators, which seemed to reflect the anticipation of winning first place for the first time in the season, but everyone could not laugh. 

The second chance seems highly likely. It is currently dealing with the lowest ranked Pepper Savings Bank. Heungkuk Life Insurance never lost to Pepper Savings Bank until the 4th round. I gave out only three sets. It was ahead in all indicators such as blocking, attack success rate, receiving efficiency, and dig. 

But predicting the outcome is difficult. Pepper Savings Bank’s offensive power improved as foreign player Nia Reed showed good condition. Veteran libero Oh Ji-young joined the team and the defense became solid. In the match against Hyundai E&C, which was held on the 10th, he struck a blow by winning after a full set.  메이저사이트

Heungkuk Life Insurance Supervisor Kim Dae-kyung said ahead of the IBK match on the 11th, “There are not many people who thought that Hyundai E&C would lose to Pepper Savings Bank.” Heungkuk Life Insurance also lost to Industrial Bank of Korea, which won four matches. 

Pepper Savings Bank is also highly motivated. This is their first chance to win two games in a row for the first time this season. If that also catches the league’s 1st and 2nd place teams in a row, the players can escape from the consciousness of defeat. Above all, it is an opportunity to win the 4th win of the current season and surpass the 3 wins recorded last season. If the current main strikers such as Choi Ga-eun, Lee Han-bi, and Park Kyung-hyun gain confidence, it is expected that they will be able to reap the beauty of the rest of the season. If a change is made in a game where there is great interest in Heungkuk Life Insurance’s recapture of the top spot, the team’s brand power can also increase. 

The key player is, of course, ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung. He played a big role in the match against KGC Ginseng Corporation on the 3rd and Hyundai E&C on the 7th, scoring the most points in the team, but in the match against Industrial Bank of Korea on the 11th, he struggled more than before. Kim Yeon-kyung recorded an attack success rate of 52.00% in 4 matches against Pepper Savings Bank, the highest record among the 6 opponents. 

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