Yongin Samsung Life Insurance will host the 2023 Dreams Come True Camp at the Samsung Training Center (STC) and Everland from July 29-31.

The camp, which will be held for the fourth time since 2019, is a program for Samsung Life players to experience joint training and mentoring with elite high school basketball players.

Players from Hyosung Girls’ High School, Bundang Business High School, and Sookmyung Girls’ High School will participate in the event. The mentees will experience a tour of the STC and a meeting with Samsung Life players on the first day, trainer lectures and a trip to Everland on the second day, and training with the players on the third day.메이저놀이터

High school athletes participating in the camp will have the opportunity to spend time with Samsung Life athletes and experience what it’s like to play for a professional sports organization.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Life squad will travel to Taebaek from June 12 to 22 to prepare for the 2023-24 season in earnest.

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