“A valuable victory.”

Professional soccer team Gyeongnam FC won 4-2 in the 19th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 on July 2 at Anyang Sports Complex. Gyeongnam started July on a high note with four straight wins.

After the game, head coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “We played a good game, winning with multiple goals. Although we were ahead in the score, Anyang’s players were strong throughout the game and kept creating chances based on their solid defense. It was a difficult game for the entire 90 minutes. The goal came relatively easily. It was a valuable win against Anyang.”카지노사이트

Gyeongnam had a long break since their last match against Chungnam Asan on March 10. With no matches in the 18th round, along with the A-Match break, they had time to reorganize. Head coach Seol Ki-hyun traveled to Namhae for a week to conduct high-intensity physical training. “I think it paid off in the end,” said Seol. Even though we trained a lot, the players didn’t play well in the heat. If we hadn’t trained, I think we would have played a more difficult game. The players worked hard and did their best, so we got the result.”

On the day, Gyeongnam created a scoring opportunity with a sharp cross. Anyang was caught off guard by Gyeongnam’s cross. Coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “The opponent densely clusters in the center. Our players utilized it well because the sides are relatively open. We don’t have the precision to go through the center when the opponent is spread out.” “We have to be flexible according to the opponent’s defense. You have to be flexible depending on their defense, so they can’t do this or that. In terms of crosses, Gleison scored two goals, but it’s not easy to finish. He did a good job finishing. I think the players around him did a good job to create chances for him.”

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