Episode 47. This is the number of tournaments held each year on the PGA Tour. Among them, there are five competitions that are recognized as the best in terms of authority and prize money. 4 ‘majors’ (Masters US Open Open PGA Championship) and 1 ‘major’ (Players Championship).

The next one is called the ‘Invitational’. Tiger Woods (Genesis Invitational), Arnold Palmer (Arnold Palmer Invitational), and Jack Nicklaus (Memorial Tournament), who are considered the best golfers in history, invite players to compete. There are only three. All three competitions are organized as special competitions this year, with a total prize money of 20 million dollars, overwhelming the general competitions of 6 to 8 million dollars. In terms of prize money alone, it is more than last year’s four major tournaments ($14 million to $17.5 million).

The Genesis Invitational is one of the most popular tournaments among golf fans as well as players. It can be seen from the fact that 19 of the world’s top 20 players (without 4th place Cameron Smith) participated in this year’s tournament held at Riviera CC (par 71, 7322 yards) in Pacific Palisades, California on the 20th.

This tournament, which won the title of ‘Invitational’ in 2020, is evaluated to have surpassed the status of the 57-year-old Arnold Palmer Invitational and the 47-year-old Memorial Tournament in just four years. This is because it is hosted by Woods, the best golfer in history and the only active player among the three. The golf industry explains that there are few players in the PGA who would refuse the tournament he hosts. Yon Lam, who won this competition, is also a ‘Tiger Kids’.

Until 2017, when Genesis started participating as the main sponsor, the name of this tournament was the LA Open. It is a historic event that was launched in 1926, but the status was not high. It was to the extent that he could not settle down in one place and toured several golf courses. Companies seldom paid attention to such competitions. Japanese car brands Nissan and Northern Trust were once attached as sponsors, but there was no ‘reversal’. 안전놀이터

In this situation, it was Hyundai Motor Company that challenged, saying, “We will transform the LA Open into the best tournament.” As soon as Hyundai Motor Company took over as title sponsor in 2017, it sought ways to make this tournament an event not to be missed by golf fans around the world. This was because the awareness of the Genesis brand could also be raised. Eui-sun Eui-sun, chairman of Hyundai Motor Company, said at the time, “Mutual respect, dignity, and innovation in the sport of golf are in line with the values ​​that Genesis values.”

The partner I found was Woods. Hyundai Motors and Woods, who became a team, raised this tournament to the status of an invitational in three years, and now it has grown into a tournament that represents the PGA Tour. Thanks to this, it is evaluated that Genesis’ image is also solidifying its position as a ‘premium brand’. The golf industry also sees that Woods has officially risen to the ranks of ‘golf legends’ along with Palmer and Nicklaus as he has a tournament hosted by himself. It is also the background for Woods to lead his limping leg and make this year’s tournament his comeback match.

Genesis is determined to deliver a message as a high-end brand to customers through golf tournament marketing and to make a clear impression on potential customers of luxury cars. To this end, it plans to continue the DP World Tour ‘Genesis Scottish Open’ sponsored last year and the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour Genesis Championship.

A Hyundai Motor official said, “We will strengthen the global status of the Genesis brand by sponsoring global top-class competitions and hosting domestic competitions, while also helping Korean male golfers advance into overseas competitions.”

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