The ’18-42-year-old life plan chart’ made in high school is a hot topic again
27-year-old Joined the WBC national team and was ‘surprised’ by the MVP phrase
Retirement season 40-year-old final appearance ‘no-hit game’ dream

Shohei Otani (LA Angels), who led Japan to victory in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) final on the 22nd, does not create a topic only with his performance on the ground. Another name of ‘difference’ added to the distinction of pitching doubles fills the story of his baseball life more abundantly.

On the 23rd, American media ‘Fox Sports’ published an article titled, ‘Did Shohei Otani predict that he would become the WBC MVP when he was a teenager?’안전놀이터

When Ohtani was a student at Hanamakihigashi High School, he planned his future life journey from the age of 18 to the age of 42. Each season had a theme, but what the media paid attention to was ‘Member of Japan WBC team and MVP’, which was explained while foreshadowing the 27-year-old season.

Ohtani was born on July 5, 1994 and is 28 years old in American age. It is a year or two later than the 27-year-old situation Ohtani expected. However, considering that the tournament was held in six years due to the spread of Corona 19 since the 4th WBC in 2017, it can be interpreted that Ohtani is surprisingly accurately fulfilling his dream as a baseball player. The media also reported, “Otani’s efforts made him the MVP of this tournament, and he virtually realized what he had predicted in high school.”

Ohtani is also not living according to the life plan she had hoped for as a child. According to his ‘life plan’, Ohtani went to the United States right after graduating from high school, and at the age of 19, after becoming accustomed to English, he thought of joining Triple-A. He also entered the major leagues at the age of 20, joined the starting lineup at the age of 21, won 16 games, and dreamed of winning the Cy Young at the age of 22.

The real Ohtani made his professional debut in Japan. He joined the Nippon Ham in 2013 and played for five years before moving to the Los Angeles Angels in 2018 and starting his career as a major leaguer. In 2017, at the age of 23, he planned to compete in the WBC for the first time in his career, but an ankle injury prevented him from competing that year. In addition, the plan to get married at 26 and have a first son at 28 is also different from what was predicted. Ohtani is single.

However, Ohtani is realizing her life’s dreams in a big way. In 2021, he has already become the best player in the major leagues by being voted the unanimous American League MVP (Most Valuable Player).

Ohtani announced his retirement in advance of the 39-year-old season, and also wrote down a plan to finish his baseball career with a no-hit game in his last appearance in his 40-year-old season. He returned to Japan at the age of 41, and at the age of 42, he also drew a picture to convey the American baseball system to Japan. It’s already past time, but Ohtani’s schedule also includes a dream of shooting the world’s best 175 km (about 108 miles) at the age of 25 with restraint. It’s a story like a cartoon, but if you look at it, Ohtani’s ‘real baseball’ is more interesting than a cartoon. The American media is also looking at it with the same gaze.

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