Gangneung High School’s ace and 4th hitter Cho Dae-hyeon played a big role in the first national tournament this year and is called ‘Ohtani of Korean high school baseball world’ and ‘Jotani’.

Cho Dae-hyun, a senior in high school this year and dreaming of joining the pro next year, led Gangneung High School to second place in the Shinsegae E-Mart Cup high school baseball competition.

As a pitcher, Dae-hyun Cho pitched in 6 games in this tournament and threw 20 2/3 innings, displaying a powerful pitch with an ERA of 0 and 30 strikeouts.스포츠토토

At 192cm tall, the fastball he threw down was powerful, and the highest velocity of his four-seam fastball in this tournament was recorded at 150km/h.

He allowed 2 runs in 5 innings in the semifinal match against championship candidate Jangchung High School, but it was a non-earned run and even became the winning pitcher.

The record of ‘the batter’ Jo Dae-hyeon is also impressive. He scored 13 hits in 7 games for this tournament, posting a batting average of 0.481. His OPS combined with his on-base percentage (0.545) and slugging percentage (0.667) is a whopping 1.212.

Because of this, Cho Dae-hyun got a nickname related to Ohtani, a Japanese ‘two-hitter’ player, from fans.

Then, is Cho Dae-hyun’s idol also Ohtani?

The answer was no. Instead, Jo Dae-hyun said, “Darvish is my idol.” Darvish is a major league pitcher from Japan who currently plays for San Diego along with Kim Ha-seong.

Like Cho Dae-hyeon (192cm), he is a powerful pitcher with a high-speed ball of 150km/h, which he throws down from a tall man (196cm), and is recording 95 victories in his big league career.

Regarding the reason why he picked Darvish as his idol, Cho Dae-hyun explained, “When I was correcting my pitching form, I referred to Darvish a lot. The reason is that he is humanly attractive.”

On his professional stage, Cho Dae-hyun also revealed that he wanted to focus entirely on throwing as a pitcher instead of double-tapping.

Cho Dae-hyun, who dreams of becoming the next Darvish, wants to play in Korean professional baseball first rather than playing on the American stage where Darvish plays.

He said, “Currently, my biggest desire is to play in the KBO league. I intend to train with the goal of hitting a top speed ball of 155 km/h in the future!”

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