Lee Dae-heon is taking a break due to a suspected rib microfracture.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation had the hottest weekend. On the 28th and 29th, all weekend games were played in overtime. In the match against Seoul SK, the 7th 3rd overtime in the regular league was also held. It was also the seventh time in his career to play overtime in a series of weekend matches.

KOGAS could not laugh in both matches despite the fun game. lost unfortunately

Here, it was reported that Murphy Holloway would leave the team due to personal circumstances in a confrontation with Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation on the 29th. Gas Corporation, which had an urgent fire, took a breather by returning Holloway’s mind to stay with him until the end of the season.

KOGAS is currently in 9th place with 13 wins and 22 losses. The gap with 6th place Jeonju KCC is 3 games, so the possibility of advancing to the playoffs is still alive. Last season, he also showed his potential to reach the playoffs dramatically. 먹튀검증

However, KOGAS, which is farther away from the playoffs with each loss in the future, does not have a normal power.

Lee Dae-heon, who left the court due to an injury in the match against KGC Ginseng Corporation, will miss the match against Suwon KT on the 31st.

An official from Gas Corporation said, “I received a CT and X-ray examination at the hospital, but a complete fracture was not confirmed, but I received the opinion that a microfracture was suspected in the rib.” ” he said.

From the 20th to this day, Gas Corporation is on a forced march with 7 games over 12 days. Even in the weekend series, he played half a game more than others. In a situation where physical strength is inevitably reduced, even Lee Dae-heon is absent.

Gas Corporation faces KT on the 31st in a more difficult situation.

For reference, there have been three times where three consecutive games have been overtime. Mobis experienced it first in the 2004-2005 season, Orions (now Carrot) in the 2005-2006 season is the second, and the most recent case is SK in the 2017-2018 season.

If KOGAS goes to overtime again, it will become the protagonist of the 4th case in its career.

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