Kim Min-joon, who has entered the military service for three months, has smoothly adjusted to the life of managing director in Gimcheon. Having become a dignified private, he looks back on his military life and awaits the enlistment of Seol Young-woo, who is close to him.

Managing Director Kim Cheon will face off against Jeonnam Dragons in the 8th round of Hana One Q K League 2 2023 at Gimcheon Sports Complex on the 19th at 7:30 pm. Kim Cheon, who had previously won at home, will challenge Jeonnam for a 3-game winning streak. If you add 3 points from this game, you can rise to the top spot.메이저놀이터

Prior to the game, I met Kim Min-joon, who is in charge of the wing of Kim Cheon this season. Kim Min-joon said, “The team is on a winning streak, and the goal is to win today and reclaim the top spot. I want to continue the winning streak at home.”

Kim Min-joon, who enlisted in January this year, was recently promoted to Private. Kim Min-joon, who faced the most important period in his military life, said, “There are some difficult points when you are in the army because there are things you need to protect. Still, he is enjoying soccer because the seniors treat him comfortably when he plays or trains.”

On the 10th, Sangmu announced the list of successful applicants for the first round. The list also included the names of Kim Min-joon and close friend Seol Young-woo. Regarding this, “I just called and came. Tomorrow is the second period, and I’m hoping that (Seol) Youngwoo hyung will come in as my successor. (Dream) can come true, so I think it’s fun,” he said with a smile.

23-year-old Kim Min-joon is a candidate for entry into the Asian Games. Kim Min-joon said, “I’m not focusing on the Asian Games. If he is doing well in the team, I think coach Hwang Seon-hong might pick him up. It is important to do well in Gimcheon,” he said, focusing on the current team rather than the Asian Games.

Finally, when asked about the goal for this season, “As a team, the goal is to win and promote to K-League 1. As for my personal goal, before I came here, coach Hong Myung-bo said that the first thing is to play a lot of games. As a striker, he can be greedy for attack points, but his goal is to play a lot.”

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