Kim Yeong-gwang (41) of Seongnam’s gatekeeper has only one goal for the 2023 season. promotion.

On the 2nd, Kim Young-kwang attended the press conference for the 4th K-League off-season training held at the Namhae Sports Park Hotel in Gyeongnam and said, “I will prepare hard for the upcoming season so that no goals are allowed due to my lack. I will give the fans a promotion gift,” he said.

Under coach Lee Ki-hyeong, Seongnam has been sweating in Namhae since the 1st with the goal of reestablishing the team atmosphere and entering the 1st Division again.

Seongnam, which belonged to the 1st division last season, had a drastic darkening due to poor performance and political issues. In the end, they couldn’t avoid relegation.

Kim Young-kwang, who moved from Seoul E-Land to Seongnam ahead of the 2020 season, played 32 games last year and conceded 58 points. This is a worse figure compared to the 38 games in the 2021 season and 46 runs in all league games.

On this day, Kim Young-kwang said, “It seemed like it was all my fault that I was demoted to the second division. The world of pros seems cold. “There are many times when the outcome is absolute,” he said, “The thing that worries me the most about being demoted is that the fans are disappointed.”

“If Seongnam was in the first division, the fans would have been proud, but I am really sorry,” he said sincerely.

However, Seongnam fans encouraged the players at the end of last year’s league by saying, “Cheer up!”

Kim Young-kwang said, “After the relegation was confirmed, the fans said, ‘Don’t lose and win the remaining two matches’. He said that he would support us even if we fell into the second division. Thank you so much. Also, I always feel sorry for the fans,” he said. I received a lot of messages, but I couldn’t answer them. Through this event, I want to say ‘thank you for worrying about me and asking me to stay’.”

He said, “I am preparing for the season with the mindset that I will help the team as much as possible and get promoted. I want to give you a big present,” he said with strength. 스포츠토토

After the relegation was confirmed, the personnel cost of the team was cut by about half, leading to a situation in which key players left Seongnam. Kim Young-kwang chose to stay in order to overcome a bad situation with Seongnam.

As some veteran players leave and young players are recruited from the batting team, most of the players in Seongnam are younger than their age. Kim Young-gwang, who passed the bullying, is a special case.

Kim Young-kwang is in a good enough position to give advice to his juniors. “The desire to win is important,” he said. If you do not have the desire to compete, you will never survive in the pro world. 11 people go to the stadium, but more than 30 people train. Competition with all players is another competition. There are a lot of people who just think about it and don’t invest. You have to do what you set out to do right away. It reminds me of this part.”

Although he has been a goalkeeper for a long time beyond the age of 40, Kim Young-kwang shook his head, saying, “I hate giving goals the most,” and said, “It is a goal-consuming job, but I hate giving goals. Even if I concede a goal, the feeling of conceding when the opponent kicks well is different from the feeling of conceding a goal because of my own shortcomings. I will work hard to prepare for the season so that I don’t feel like I am lacking.”

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