It is definitely different from last year.

Last year, Busan I-Park suffered a serious loss of self-esteem. It was only 10th out of 11 K League 2 teams. Coach Ricardo Perez was sacked due to poor performance during the season, and coach Park Jin-seop took over the helm.

I didn’t have enough time to properly color it. After taking over as manager Park, he recruited players through trade, but failed to turn the atmosphere around. In the 2023 off-season, beads of sweat were shed. The team was organized, and in particular, Lamas, who played an active part in Daegu FC, and Pesin from Brazil were brought in. Although they failed to recruit foreigners at the forefront, which was the top priority, the vigilance of other teams was so great that they were mentioned as ‘candidates for the top 5’ in the media day before the opening.

In the first round of Hana One Q K League 2 2023 held at Cheonan Sports Complex on the 1st, Cheonan City FC was defeated 3-2 and announced a pleasant start. Busan, which has not received any help from foreign players since 2021 when it was relegated to the second division, took the lead in winning the team by scoring two goals out of three goals on this day. 메이저사이트

movement was good. With Lamas at the center, Pesin quickly dug into the flanks. In the 6th minute of the first half, Lamas, who penetrated into the gate from the right flank from the rear, received only two roving passes and split the goal. Four minutes later, Busan took the ball in midfield, and Peshin and Lamas moved together in the penalty box, saw space, and Peshin finished with his right foot. In addition to scoring goals, he created a lot of threatening scenes.

Of the 5 shot attempts in the first half, all 3 shots on goal were scored. Although they conceded 2 goals to Cheonan, it is certain that they have a remarkable scoring momentum compared to last year.

Cheonan played their first historic professional match. Even though he lost, he showed the power to drive at the end of the game with Motta’s multi-goal. 3299 spectators entered the stadium that day.

In the match between Gyeongnam FC and Bucheon FC held at the Changwon Soccer Center at the same time, Gyeongnam won 1-0 with Won Gi-jong’s first goal in the 6th minute of the second half. At the Gwangyang Stadium, the away team FC Anyang beat the home team Jeonnam Dragons 1-0 with Jonathan’s dramatic goal in the second half of extra time.

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