It is predicted that Emerson Royal will return within two weeks.

Emerson suffered a knee injury during an A-match last month. His injuries were more serious than expected. Emerson was immediately put on the operating table, and he was not expected to return to the team for a while. It was a time when Emerson’s performance was at its peak, and there were many other injuries, so Emerson’s injury was quite disappointing from Tottenham Hotspur’s point of view.

Good news came. The news is that Emerson can return sooner than expected. “Emersson can return to the team within two weeks. The recovery period has been four to six weeks, and it is understood that the recovery is proceeding smoothly. “I think Emerson will be able to play against Crystal Palace.”메이저놀이터

The timing is good. Tottenham are currently struggling to form a starting list due to injuries to players. Although there is Pedro Poro in Emerson’s position, right wingback, there were concerns about his performance in the previous game against Bournemouth due to his poor performance. Poro was twice involved in scenes leading to goals in Tottenham’s dramatic defeat against Bournemouth. Poro also deactivated his SNS after the game as if he knew his mistake.

In this situation, Emerson’s return seems to be a great help to Tottenham. Even in the midst of shaking, Tottenham is still aiming for a place in the top 4 of the league to win a ticket to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). With rivals Manchester United and Newcastle United leading the way, it’s understandable to be impatient. This is why we cannot help but welcome the increasing number of players who can contribute to the team, even one.

Of course, the priority is to endure the difficult schedule until Emerson returns. Tottenham meet Newcastle, Manchester United and Liverpool in turn. All three teams are tricky opponents, especially Newcastle and Manchester United, which are competing for the rankings, so it looks like it will be a pretty important game.

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