“First of all, the goal is to advance to the quarterfinals. There will be many checks, but I will do my best in every game

. ” Although he was unable to attend the spring competitions and association flags held in March and April of last year due to circumstances, he lifted the winning trophy in all four competitions he participated in afterwards. Undefeated in the federation presidency in early May, the National Youth Sports Festival in late May, the category championship in July, and the weekend league Wangjungwangjeon in August. 

Coach Lee Seon-young gave a general review of 2022, saying, “As much as I worked hard with the players, the results were good in each competition. 

“I paid a lot of attention to defense and rebounding, but the players protected me well. It’s okay to make mistakes, so I always order to be confident,” he said, citing ‘confidence’ as the driving force behind his victory.

Players who were in the third year of Supia Girls’ Middle School last year left the team, and now freshmen who graduated from Bangrim Elementary School in Gwangju joined. A total of 11 students, including 3 3rd graders, 5 2nd graders and 3 freshmen, are sweating hard to participate in the Sangju Stove League, which will be held from the 14th of this month. 

Coach Lee said, “Last year, there were many offenses through set offenses, but this year, the overall height has decreased. So, we are creating a team color that emphasizes fast attacks and defense. We need faster fast attacks and active rebounds. Basketball faithful to the basics must be done,” he stressed.  온라인바카라

When asked to pick a player to watch out for, the name of ‘captain Lim Yeon-seo’ came back. Lim Yeon-seo played an active role as a key player last year as well, and is an offensive guard who led the team to 4 crowns. Coach Lee expressed his belief that “As he became the captain, his sense of responsibility became stronger. He is a player with solver skills, so he will do well this year.” 

In addition, he expressed his expectations for other players. Coach Lee said, “I hope that the 3rd year players will fill the gap of the graduates. In the shooting, I am looking forward to 2nd year Lim Se-woon (Lim Yeon-seo’s younger brother) and Lee Na-hyun, who came up this time (as a freshman).” 

Lastly, I asked Coach Lee what his goals were for this year. He revealed the somewhat humble (?) goal of “first reaching the quarterfinals” and said, “There will be many checks, but as each game is important, I will do my best.” 

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