The sidearm duo of Gyeongnam High School couldn’t see the light like this…

Lotte quickly sorted out its relationship with right-hander sidearm Seo Jun-won (23). According to a report by a local media in Busan that day, Seo Jun-won was charged with kidnapping and luring a minor at the end of 2022. The police have forwarded the case to the Busan District Prosecutor’s Office and are conducting an investigation.

Lotte held a disciplinary committee on the same day and decided to release Seo Jun-won regardless of whether the prosecution was indicted or not. Anyway, it was judged that it had a bad effect on the club’s image and decided not to be together anymore. It is unknown whether Seo Jun-won will continue his active life in another team.

With Seo Jun-won’s resignation, a dream of Lotte and Lotte fans has disappeared. He couldn’t see the ‘Gyeongnam High School Side Arm Duo’ for 7 years. Lotte signed a 3+1 year 4 billion won con먹튀검증

As Han Hyun-hee signed a free agent contract, he is likely to be the fourth starter after Charlie Barnes, Dan Straley, and Park Se-woong. Seo Jun-won was also competing for the 5th selection. Perhaps this season, Lotte could have packed the starters with Han Hyun-hee and Seo Jun-won. Even if one of them leaves the starting lineup and goes to the bullpen, I could think of a scenario in which Han Hyun-hee and Seo Jun-won start one after another in the starting lineup and the bullpen.

Seo Jun-won joined in 2019 and recorded an average ERA of 5.56 with 15 wins, 23 losses and 5 holds in 123 games. Compared to his popularity in high school, his growth was not as clear as expected. As for Lotte, it was possible to expect a virtuous cycle in which Han Hyun-hee, who tasted success in both the selection and bullpen in Kiwoom, had a good influence on Seo Jun-won’s growth.

However, as Seo Jun-won left the team due to an unexpected incident, Han Hyun-hee and Seo Jun-won ate together. Han Hyun-hee and Seo Jun-won have the same sidearm, but their styles are not exactly the same. Strategically, or in terms of sights, I was able to see an interesting look, but it was canceled.

ract with Han Hyun-hee in the 2022-2023 FA market. Han Hyun-hee, born in 1993, graduated from Gyeongnam High School and joined Nexen in 2012 as the second choice in the first round. Seo Jun-won, born in 2000, also graduated from Gyeongnam High School and wore a Lotte uniform as the first nomination in 2019.

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