Japanese professional baseball ‘Legend’ Oh Sadaharu (Wang Jeong-chi), president of the Softbank Hawks, recalled the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in the past and said that the Korean national team, which lost two games to Japan at the time, was “nasty”. did.

According to Japan’s ‘Full Count’, on the 25th (Korean time), Sadaharu Oh, president of Softbank, met with local reporters and talked about the WBC.

President Sadaharu Oh is a ‘legend’ of Japanese professional baseball. He debuted with the Yomiuri Giants in 1959 and has been active as a ‘one-club man’ for 22 years. President Sadaharu Oh played 2831 games, including more than 100 games every year, except for his first season of debut, and left a tremendous record of 2786 hits, 868 home runs, 2170 RBIs, 1967 runs, and a batting average of 0.301.

President Sadaharu Oh’s total of 868 home runs is the most in the world, including the major leagues and the KBO league. In the major leagues, Barry Bonds leads the league with 762 home runs, and in the KBO League, Lee Seung-yeop leads with 467 home runs. In the case of Lee Seung-yeop, the number of home runs increases to 626 when adding home runs during his time in Nippon Professional Baseball, but it is slightly less than President Oh Sadaharu.

In an interview with the Japanese media on the 25th, Chairman Oh Sadaharu recalled Korea, where he faced off at the WBC. After retiring from his active career, President Sadaharu Oh took the helm of the 1st WBC Japan team in 2006. At that time, the Korean national team succeeded in overtaking the Japanese national team led by President Sadaharu Oh by winning 3-2 in the Asian round held at the Tokyo Dome. 안전놀이터

Victory did not stop at once. The Korean national team met the Japanese national team again in the second round held in Anaheim, USA. And the Korean national team won 2-1. According to ‘Full Count’, President Sadaharu Oh recalled his memories of the 2006 WBC, saying, “I lost after hitting a come-from-behind home run once in Japan, and then lost again in the United States.” .

However, the result of the third confrontation was disappointing. The Korean national team faced Japan in the semi-finals and lost 0-6, with Byung-Hyun Kim getting the final blow to Kosuke Fukudome, who played as a pinch hitter, and their advance to the final was frustrated. Fukudome was not in good shape throughout the tournament, but President Sadaharu Oh appointed him as a pinch hitter at a crucial moment, and his trust led to results.

President Oh Sadaharu said, “I told Fukudome, ‘When the opportunity comes, I’ll put it up (as a substitute), so be prepared,’ and returned cautiously. Just then, a pitcher was replaced due to the pitch limit, and Fukudome was in really bad shape. It wasn’t good, but he gave the perfect blow.”

In the case of the Japanese national team, led by President Oh Sahadar, the final result was good, but the opponent’s record against the Korean national team was only 1 win and 2 losses. President Oh Sadaharu remained vigilant in the face-to-face match against South Korea to be held at the Tokyo Dome in March. He expressed his wish, “Korea is strong. They have tenacity to win.”

Meanwhile, Korea, which belongs to WBC Group B, is scheduled to face Japan on March 10th at 7:00 pm for a ticket to advance to the quarterfinals.

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