HL Anyang, led by coach Baek Ji-sun, won the regular league round 36 home game against Nikko Ice Bucks (Japan) held at Anyang Ice Rink on the 19th, with Park Jin-kyu’s opening goal, Kim Ki-seong’s winning goal, and An Jin-hui’s key goal to win 3-1.

HL Anyang, who lost 3-4 the previous day, is currently leading the league with a record of 28 wins and 8 losses (0.778 win rate). Although the score was the same as the Oji Eagles, it secured the lead due to the tie-break rule (if the winning rate is the same, the team ahead of the opponent is higher).

HL Anyang went on the offensive from the beginning of the game, but it was difficult to open the Ice Bucks goal guarded by veteran Yutaka Fukufuji. At 11:06 in the second period, Park Jin-gyu scored the opening goal and knocked on the door, but the Ice Bucks responded with an equalizer one minute into the third period. 카지노

In the game, veteran goal scorer Kim Ki-sung shone. Kim Ki-seong rushed the pass from Kim Sang-wook to Kang Yun-seok to the front of the gate at 11:05 in the third period during the power play and finished with a list shot, breaking the tight balance.

HL Anyang, which gained momentum, scored an additional goal in 25 seconds and put a wedge in the game. After receiving Park Jin-gyu’s pass, Lee Yeong-joon threw himself at the goal and the shot was rebounded to Fukufuji’s goal, and Ahn Jin-hui did not miss the opportunity and pushed it into the empty goal post.

On the 25th and 26th, HL Anyang will play its last two home matches against the 5th place Yokohama Grits (9-7) in the regular league. On the 5th and 6th of next month, the regular league will be finished with two away matches against the lowest Tohoku Free Blaze (8 wins and 28 losses) in Hachinohe.

HL Anyang is aiming for the top spot in the regular league for the first time in six years since 2017 by winning all four remaining matches against lower teams.

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