Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) defender Fresnel Kimpembe expressed his dissatisfaction with the club .

England’s ‘Talk Sports’ said on the 25th (Korean time), “PSG defender Kimpembe was angry that he gave authority to Kylian Mbappe without informing him after being stripped of his vice-captain position. After announcing the decision, he took to social media to complain about the lack of communication within the club.”

Kimpembe is from PSG Seonggol Youth. Born in 1995, Kimpembe has grown since joining PSG in 2005 and has been officially on the first team stage since 2014. He has played a total of 232 matches for nine seasons so far. Because of PSG’s competitive first-team competition, Kimpembe’s dedication to the club so far is more valuable. 안전놀이터

As much as he has a lot of career in the team, he is also recognized by PSG. As he was appointed as the official vice-captain of the club, he leads the players. He recently played in the captain’s armband against True in October.

But Mbappe’s existence was a problem. Mbappe signed a large contract with PSG in the transfer market last summer. At the time, in order to prevent the transfer to Real Madrid, PSG gave Mbappe numerous rights, such as appointing the team’s manager and recruiting players.

Mbappe, who naturally gained a great influence in the team, assumed the position of vice-captain. From the point of signing a new contract this season, PSG’s vice-captain became Mbappe, not Kimpembe.

Kimpembe, who has now heard the news, said: “I’ve been able to hear and read a lot about myself over the past few hours. I say this to avoid continuing to spread misinformation in this regard. I was unaware of this decision. This is completely false. It is,” he said on social media, revealing his feelings.

Still, I decided to follow PSG, which I had been with for the rest of my life. “But I will always respect the club’s decision,” he said, expressing his loyalty. Even in the situation where the ‘vice-captain’ was taken away without knowing it, he expresses a positive stance as much as possible while regretting it.

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