We have to prove it every game.”

Japanese pitcher Senga Kodai (30) signed a contract with the New York Mets for 5 years and 75 million dollars (approximately 97 billion won). He is a sufficiently satisfactory treatment that even includes an opt-out clause. The Mets, which are investing heavily with the owner of ‘billionaire’ Steve Cohen, showed with money that they are expecting a lot from Senga.

There is nothing more to verify on the Japanese stage. He did not receive a rookie draft nomination and barely wore a professional uniform due to the fostering player draft. He came up from the bottom and took a picture of the top. He recorded 87 wins, 44 losses, and an earned run average of 2.59 in 224 games and 1089 innings. Last year, he recorded 11 wins, 6 losses, an average ERA of 1.97 and 156 strikeouts in 22 games and 144 innings. He was still strong, and at the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, he led the gold medal by showing off his overwhelming appearance against American batters.

Senga throws a fastball that exceeds 150km and uses a forkball as his main weapon. He is the textbook repertoire of Japan’s top pitchers. However, this pork ball is special. In Japan, it was called ‘Ghost Pokeball’. It was also introduced in the United States by the same name. 

On the 20th (hereinafter Korean time) in St. Portrus, where the Mets’ spring training is held, Mets hitters confirmed Senga’s weapon. All the Mets hitters who came to bat against Senga for live batting were wide-eyed at Senga’s forkball. “It’s got a really cool nickname, and for good reason,” said Mets home run hitter Pete Alonso. It makes a lot of hitters swing and miss.” Last year’s National League batting champion, Jeff McNeil, gave a brief and bold impression, saying, “It’s a ball I’ve never seen before.” 먹튀검증

But in the end, you have to go through it in practice. MLB.com singled out Senga as the player to prove for the Mets this year. The media said, “The Mets took the risk of five years and $75 million despite doubts about Senga’s physical condition. I have the right to see if the compatibility with Senga works,” he explained, explaining that Senga is currently having difficulty adapting.

The media said, “At the beginning of the camp, Senga is having problems with the bigger, smoother Major League ball, the steep slope of the mound, and changes throughout American culture.” We have to prove it.”

The Mets signed Verlander to a two-year, $86.66 million contract, starting with closer Edwin Diaz’s five-year, $102 million extension. He later signed extensions with Brandon Nemo (8 years, $162 million) and Jeff McNeil (4 years, $50 million). They also brought in Jose Quintana ($26 million over 2 years), David Robertson ($10 million over 1 year), Adam Ottavino ($14.5 million over 2 years), and Omar Navaez ($15 million over 2 years). Senga’s name is also included in the middle of Cohen’s investment toward his dream of winning the World Series.

All the players who have signed big contracts have to play. However, paying a large ransom for a pitcher from a foreign country that has not yet been verified means that Senga must prove that the ransom is reasonable every game, as the media pointed out. Senga’s harsh test stage has begun.

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